Facebook patents a “high-performance and realistic” mechanical eyeball


15 Jan 2022 00:58 GMT

It could accelerate the development of the company’s augmented reality and virtual reality applications.

The American company Meta, formerly known as Facebook, would be designing a mechanical eyeball similar to the human, according to a patent revealed by Insider.

In the patent, granted last December, the company details the design of a “high-performance and realistic” mechanical eyeball that will be used, in a way, as part of an “animatronic device” that will follow with greater accuracy and precision the human eye movement.

According to its creators, the eyeball would be equipped with sensors to help it see, an ability that could be trained and improved using machine learning, potentially based on eye-tracking data movement from humans, which could then be mapped onto the mechanical eyeball. .

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The patent also mentions a head, which “mimics other human movements,” such as the mouth and eyebrows, and “a body attached to the head,” which would be covered by a mold “resembling human skin.” All of this, supposedly, “would appear authentic to an observer.” There is no mention of what that authenticity would serve.

This type of technology could accelerate the development of the company’s augmented reality and virtual reality applications, which rely heavily on eye tracking. These high-tech advances could be necessary for future projects in the company’s “metaverse.”

Also, this is not the first time that Meta has shown its interest in adding human characteristics to robots: last November, the company announced that it would develop a synthetic skin that would give robots a sense of touch similar to that of humans.

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