Francisca Lachapel surprised in ‘Wake up America’ with an important announcement while touching her belly

Francesca Lachapel He left all the viewers of “Despierta América” shocked when, while talking with his companions Raúl González and Alan Tacher, he got up from his chair and touched his belly saying: “hadn’t I told you?”.

The drivers were talking in full broadcast about how well the singer Greeicy looks during her pregnancy when the Dominican made her controversial comment that left the faithful morning viewers speechless.

Jomari Goyso and Francisca Lachapel in 'Wake up America' |  Mezcaliente

I hope that for my second pregnancy I feel like her, splendid”, said Francisca, to which Raúl immediately replied: “But wait. Are you planning a second pregnancy?”.

It was there that everyone’s heart stopped at the driver’s joke. “Is it that I had not told them?”, while getting up from the chair and touching her belly as if she were already in the state of her second baby.

Their drivers were shocked, but the Dominican quickly showed that it was just a joke. “No, it was the belly that Gennaro left me. I’m not pregnant”, he said between laughs.

However, her colleagues took advantage of the moment to ask her if she is rehearsing for a second pregnancy or if she is planning it, but she made it very clear that it had all been a joke.

Not losing weight after pregnancy

A few weeks ago, the television host told her followers that after her pregnancy, she has not been able to lose weight and therefore, in this new year she will begin to plan her healthy meals, which she considers one of the best secrets to get the objective.

You know that I gained a lot of weight with pregnancy, I have tried to lose weight but this month it is very difficult to lose it. There are other things, maybe hormonal that won’t let me lose 160 pounds and I’m already worrying. So I decided to make a change in my diet and maybe that will help me a lot.”, expressed the Dominican while showing from her kitchen all the foods she would prepare for the week.

He also said that one of his goals will be to lose 30 pounds. “One of the things they say is that preparation is the most important thing, the basis of everything. I decided to get organized and make some adjustments to my diet to see if I could lose 30 pounds.”, he assured.

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