Goodbye to the veto, Martino knows that he needs it and would call him to the Tri in a surprising way

Martino finally forgives one of those he needs
Martino finally forgives one of those he needs

It would put an end to the veto he had on the Mexico national team. is that the strategist Gerardo Martino He knows that he needs a footballer of his quality, that on this date above all, where the position is at stake, he needs the best and that is why he considers himself forgiven and forgotten.

According to the ESPN report, the national soccer player Carlos Salcedo would be forgiven for this new edition of the date of the Central American Qualifiers. It is that the player spends an important moment in his career and shows that he has a level for El Tri, given the irregularity of Moreno and the poor performance of Néstor Araujo.

Thus, one of those banned from the national team of Mexico He would be back in a surprising way for this triple qualifying date, where the Tri is now playing and his ticket to the World Cup is serious.

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Why does Martino forgive Carlos Salcedo?

The idea from the sporting point of view is to have the best players and now the Titan is at a superlative level. For this reason, despite the anger between Tata’s assistant and Salcedo, the footballer would go up to the Mexican team.

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