It can not be true! Fire TV Cube at a ridiculous price at MediaMarkt

With the amount of content we consume every day, we better have a good team to watch it on. Devices that offer good image quality and, above all, that allow us easy access to the different applications and platforms to which we are subscribed. If you feel that need, know that what you need is this Fire TV Cube which is reduced in price on the MediaMarkt website.

This Fire TV Cube is a very simple device that you must connect to your television. Through its interface, you will have access to all platforms and applications what you need In this way, you will have all the possible entertainment in your hands, since you will not have to constantly change devices.

That is why the discount you now have at MediaMarkt is so highly recommended. A 25% discount on its original price With which you can save around €30 on a purchase that will not take long to amortize.

Turn your old TV into a Smart TV

We’ll tell you quickly and easily: this Fire TV Cube is used to turn your conventional TV into a full Smart TV. Mainly, because it will provide it with an operating system and a interface with which to access the Internet and all the content offered there. You’ll need an Internet connection, of course, but the procedure couldn’t be simpler.

As you can see, it is not necessary to spend a fortune on a new Smart TV, because this device gives your television everything you need. Think that you will be able to watch your favorite movies in Netflix or HBO to end the evening with the new chapter of the series that you are following on Prime Video. And the same with Disney+, Apple TV or other sports platforms where you can watch all your team’s matches.

Fire TV Cube in black color

And best of all, you’ll be able to consume all that content with impressive image quality. This Fire TV Cube reaches resolutions 4KHDR, so the depth of textures and colors will completely immerse you in those fantasy universes.

All the entertainment without lifting a finger

But the wonders of the Fire TV Cube do not end there, since this device is compatible with Alexa voice command. In this way, you can put and remove any program or movie with just your voice. You won’t have to pick up the remote or press any buttons, because Alexa is always available to do what you ask.

Components of the Fire TV Cube

In fact, the Fire TV Cube has four speakers that will make you hear at all timesno matter where you are in the house. Therefore, you will be able to operate the device from a distance and with your own voice as if it were your home assistant.

And if we add all this to the cheap price it has at MediaMarkt, the bargain becomes irresistible. Remember that with a 25% discount, you can save up to €30 on the purchase of a device that will turn your old television into a Smart TV.

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