Nacho Lozano declares his love to Adamari López with a romantic message on the networks

During his long career in the artistic medium, Adamari Lopez He has won the hearts not only of viewers but also of many of his colleagues with whom he has shared in the Telemundo studios.

One of them is Nacho Lozano, with whom the faithful viewers of “Today”. This past January 12, the driver wanted to express to the Puerto Rican how much he appreciates her through an Instagram post.

Adamari Lopez |  Mezcaliente

In the photograph published by Nacho, he is seen with Adamari in one of the broadcasts of the morning program. “So many reasons why you are a queen, @adamarilopez. 2021 made us chambear, may 2022 be even better”, he expressed.

Of course, the actress was not going to stop responding to such a nice message of affection towards her and immediately commented: “I love you very much and I admire you for being an excellent professional and a wonderful person. For many years sharing and working together”.

To this, Nacho returned the beautiful gesture and told him that the admiration is mutual. “Yor more to you Admiration is here for you, mija. #SeAboLaNight“, wrote.

In the publication that already reaches 13 thousand “likes”, Internet users commented that both make a beautiful couple and should start a relationship.

they should walk”, “say yes”, “I’ve always thought they make a good couple”, “long live the bride and groom”, “I hope they are a couple”, they wrote to him.

Will Adamari give himself a chance in 2022?

A few days ago, Toni Costa’s ex-partner gave an interview to Mezcaliente, where he revealed if there will be a new opportunity in love this new year.

I don’t think this is the time. There is a time of learning, there is a time of growth”, he expressed.

However, not everything is lost for those who want to pretend to the Puerto Rican, as she assured that if someone arrives who is in the same line of what she is looking for, she could give herself the chance.

“And if something does come I’m not closed, but I’m not looking or desperate for an opportunity for someone to show up. I’m fine, I’m calm and I think that’s what my daughter needs to see from me, that I’m happy with myself. If someone else comes who can complement me with their happiness, fine, but if not, I’m fine, I’m calm, “he said.

For her stability is important, since according to what she says, until now she has not been able to achieve it. “One always wants stability and that stability, I have not achieved it as I would like, “he said.

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