Not even Covid has been able to take away the rhythm of Gianluca Vacchi and Sharon Fonseca

During the first week of this year, Gianluca Vacchi, Sharon Fonseca and her little girl Blu Jerusalema, barely a year old, They were infected with Covid. The businessman had not given many details about it, but he had shared a glimpse of the curious treatment he was undergoing in order to alleviate the symptoms. It was finally a few days ago that the model took her Instagram to share some details of this situation with her followers. “At the beginning of the year we came out positive, so we were lost because of that,” she said, referring to the fact that both she and her partner had been a bit absent on social media. “Gian was the first and then the girl, thank God I didn’t have any symptoms so I was able to take care of them both (as God knew), “he continued. “It was a very crazy week. Gian felt bad the first few days and thank God he recovered quickly and the baby did not feel well for three days and still has some symptoms, but already much better. We are already out of this,” she said convinced. And it seems that her words materialized, because this Thursday the Venezuelan revealed that she had gotten rid of the virus. “When you get the negative result…”, She wrote when sharing a video in which she is seen getting ready before posing very pretty and with a positive attitude. Although he did not reveal whether Gianluca and Blu have also tested negative for Covid, what is a fact is that they are much better. The greatest proof of this is that, after several days, the Italian returned to his TikTok to delight his followers with his original dances, including one with Sharon, could it be that they were already celebrating his recovery? Click below to see them.

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