Rodolfo Pizarro, Chivas and Tigres rejected him for ‘shorty’

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Rudolph Pizarro, who recently returned to scratched after passing through the mls, debuted at the age of 18 in the First Division of Mexican soccer and his coach, miguel mendoza, recalled the path of the native of Tampico, Tamaulipas, who began to shine since he was eight years old, but was rejected by three clubs in his teens due to his short stature.

Miguel Mendoza, the nicknamed ‘Former of Champions’ in Tamaulipas, he chatted with Mediotiempo about the process that the now 27-year-old player had, who was tested in Chivas and Pachuca when he was 12 years old and he was rejected because of his short stature, although he returned to Hidalgo lands years later to start his career as a soccer player.

Rodolfo Pizarro went to take his test at age 12 and that time he did not stay because he was very short and they wanted height, physique and everything. It was until he was 17 years old that I sent him back to Pachuca and he stayed. Two weeks after arriving, it was when he made his debut against Blue Cross and scored two goals (in U-17). Against Puebla they injured him and the following year Hugo Sánchez arrives and debuted it. It was a very fast race for Rodolfo, which has been maintained, logically with ups and downs, but it goes well as far as it goes,” he said by telephone.

But the Tuzos were not the only ones who did not want him in their basic forces because he was short, since the Sacred Flock also rejected him when he went to try himself with Julio Gómez, world champion U-17, who also ended up making his professional debut with the Tuzos.

“At that time it was what they argued (his height). In the case of Chivas, he went with Julio Gómez to test himself, several filters passed and in the last one they were no longer. That’s how it happens sometimes, you can recommend a player, but other scouts or coaches don’t think the player is and there have been other players, “he added.

When Pizarro did not stay for the first time with the hidalguenses at the age of 12, Mendoza looked for an opportunity for him in Tigres via Marco Antonio Ruiz, whom he has known since childhood, but the answer was negative like every other occasion offered by footballers, such as the mummy gomez.

“After he went to Pachuca and came back with me, we included him in the Fourth Division. The Monterrey area touched me, I was going to play there and Rodolfo was doing very well. At that time I spoke to Chima Ruiz, who we were teammates at the child level and I told him about Rodolfo, who was 14 years old and he told me ‘no, we are not hiring players’. Time passes, Rodolfo begins to get ahead and Chima Ruiz speaks to me ‘hey, Miguel, maybe he’s the player you offered me’ and the same thing happened with Julio Gómez until I made the agreements with Monterrey”, he added.

Rodolfo Pizarro shone as a scorer at the age of 9

Although as a professional he has been used as a right back, containment, midfielder and on the wings, in his childhood he was a goalscorer, since Mendoza placed him as a center forward at age 9, where he shone in a Tamaulipas state when they competed in the Correcaminos UAT school.

“Rodolfo Pizarro came to me when I was 4 years old, together with Julio Gómez. They started the Correcaminos school. His great talent begins to be noticed around the age of seven. I put him as a center forward because he grabbed the ball, made fun of it, took out the goalkeeper and scored a goal. An anecdote that I am going to comment on was in a state of Tamaulipas, at the age of 9 “.

“He became champion with 17 goals, we have to go to the Nacional to Los Mochis and no goal was scored by the puny. the ball to Rodolfo and I replied ‘it’s not that they don’t give him a pass, it’s that he’s having a bad streak.’The others scored, it was a bad tournament for Rodolfo, who ended up angry because he said they didn’t give him passes”, he recalled.

He hopes that Pizarro returns to his level and returns to Tri

Pizarro debuted in 2012 as a professional and after his time in Pachuca he played with Chivas, MLS Inter-Miami and now returned to Monterey for his second stage with Rayados, where he hopes to return to his level after not doing very well in the United States.

“He had his bad streak and now in Rayados the great motivation with a coach like Javier Aguirre, Rodolfo has to ascend as soon as possible. We are just a short time away from the World Cup and it has to be shown to continue being humble as it has been. His evolution decreased, but he has to get up with everything so that they take him into account in the Mexican National Team”, he mentioned.

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