The Amazon smart plug with Alexa is reduced to… €14!

Although there are many connected devices that we have in our homes today, more and more people want their home to be a little smarter. To do this, we can use different devices or accessories that allow us to take that step. One of the most interesting and cheapest options is to make use of smart plugs such as the Amazon Echo Flex, which is also currently at half price on Amazon.

The truth is that we can find a lot of models from different manufacturers, but one of the great attractions of the Amazon model is that it is a smart plug with Alexa. In other words, whatever we have connected to this socket we will be able to turn it on or off with a simple voice command, even if the device does not have an Internet connection or anything of the sort.

Compact design and compatible with Alexa

Therefore, it is an accessory that allows us control and automate certain functions of everything we have plugged into it. For your interaction with the assistant, it incorporates a powerful microphone that allows you to hear everything that we ask the assistant from almost anywhere in the house.

Its native compatibility with Alexa It also allows us to create timers or reminders with our own voice, as well as ask the assistant to inform us of the weather forecast, traffic conditions, and a lake, etc.

smart plug with alexa amazon echo flex

Aesthetically, this Amazon Echo Flex is a small smart plug, it only measures 7.2 x 6.7 x 7.3cm and has a weight of 154 grams. On the front it has an action button, a button to turn the microphones on or off and a blue LED that lights up when Alexa is listening to us. On one of the sides it has a 3.5 mm output and on the top it has a USB type A port.

As if that were not enough, it is possible to use the releases to send voice messages simultaneously to all the rooms in the house where we have an Echo device or make hands-free calls with family or friends who have a compatible Echo device or the Alexa app installed on their phone mobile.

It is also a model compatible with the famous skill, those small applications that allow you to get the most out of Alexa in the easiest way possible.

Discounted Echo Flex smart plug

The price of this complete Amazon Echo Flex smart plug is 29.99 euros, but as we anticipated at the beginning of this content, it is now possible to get it with a 50% discount. Therefore, do not wait any longer and take the opportunity to get it at a price of nothing more than €14.99.

amazon echo flex smart plug

Amazon offer includes delivery free for everyone, free returns for Prime customers and a delivery time of just a couple of days.

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