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The magazine of tourism around the world’International Living‘ has already published its ranking this year of ‘The best places in the world to retire in 2022’, which includes countries such as Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Portugal and France.

There are many people who, at the time of retirement, prefer to do so in a foreign country that suits their needs, which in general tend to be to live a life happy and healthy, which is why the specialized tourism portal lists the best destinations.

We tell you which are the 7 best destinations.

1. Panama

The country that tops the list is Panama. This due to its geographical and strategic location, the climate, the medical care and the biodiversity it offers.

According to foreigners who now live there, in this place they have found multiple benefits that contribute to their physical and mental state, with a wide variety of activities that generate great happiness. In addition, they highlight the personality of Panamanians.

“In fact, I would say that Panamanians in general are the best part of living in Panama. I have made so many wonderful friends here. People who are welcoming and fun and have a wide range of interests, so the conversation is always brilliant.” mentions Jessica Ramesch, a Canadian who lives there after her retirement, to the aforementioned magazine.

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Colon Island

2.Costa Rican

The next preferred destination to live after reaching retirement is Costa Rica. According to the foreign people who chose this country as their new home, the cost of living, the climate, the real estate and the people are among the most positive things.

At the same time, they emphasize that the health system is one of the best qualified in Latin America and the great attention paid to environmental conservation.

“Costa Rica is an outdoor playground, with no shortage of physical activities on offer, including fishing, golf, horseback riding, hiking, surfing, pickleball, and yoga. Plus, it’s easy to create a healthy diet with less processed foods and plenty of healthy options.”, points out Kathleen Evans to ‘International living’.

Costa Rica

3. Mexico

For its part, Mexico is a great destination for its culture, customs and tourist beaches, in addition to all the facilities it offers in terms of quality of life and essential basic services.

According to what a visitor to the aforementioned media mentions, what he likes most is medical care, the government system, internet access, public services and that it is easy to find stores of foreign brands from countries like the United States.

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Reference image with Mexican flag.

4. Portugal

The European country is one of the preferred places due to “its beaches, rolling sand, rolling green hills”, mentions a tourist to the cited magazine.

In addition, the health services, safety and friendliness of its citizens are highlighted.

The variety of climate and biodiversity in different parts of the country makes it a place where those looking for different and colorful environments can retire.

In addition, in each city you can find a different cost of living and choose the one that best suits your needs, with Lisbon, Porto, Cascais and the Algarve being the most expensive.

5. Columbia

For its part, another Latin destination that is part of the ranking of the 10 best is Colombia, standing out above all for its geographical location and for being the second country in greatest biodiversity.

The position of the country allows it to have beaches in the Pacific and the Caribbean, as well as three mountain ranges and the Amazon jungle.

“Colombia ticks a lot of the boxes for those who want to live somewhere with a lower cost of living, great health care, proximity to the US and Canada, and weather options to suit just about everyone,” Nancy Kiernan tells ‘International Living’.

In addition, the ease of obtaining permission to live and obtaining visas is highlighted, as well as the low cost of living for foreign retirees.

6. Equator

Added to the Latin destinations is Ecuador, one of the smallest on the continent and with a striking culture and affordability for tourists.

One of the main reasons why it is attractive, according to foreigners, is because of the tranquillity they find in this region of the continent, which has a great cultural richness and many facilities of modern life.

The cost of real estate, the food and the weather are some of the most striking aspects.

7. France

Another European destination is France, because its cultural diversity in the midst of 11 borders makes it one of the most desired to live a quiet life with good wine and food.

Also, one of the compelling reasons is the cost in living place which, according to outsiders, is 34% cheaper than in the United States.

At the same time, it offers rural or urban spaces in cities and towns, so it easily accommodates the needs of travelers and their lifestyle preferences. Not counting the excellent medical service which is even one of the best qualified by the World Health Organization.

Colmar, France

Colmar is close to the border with Germany.

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