The mistake you should never make with your passwords

The management of our online passwords it is a very serious and increasingly complex matter: it is unthinkable to have the same password for each site we visit and that asks us for access, even if it is the most convenient option, and also in choosing the password itself you have to follow some rules basic. aside from this there is something that we all do regarding passwords, so it is a very common mistake what we shouldn’t do.

Be careful if you do this with your passwords

We want to talk to you about another apparently comfortable and equally dangerous habit that has as its protagonist the passwords that we use on a daily basis and that is none other than the fact that let our browser memorize passwords , so that we can then suggest them each time we log in. This habit is wrong for many reasons, but lately it has also become dangerous.

According to experts, exists a known “stealing” malware, called Redline, which steals the credentials stored in Chrome, Edge and Opera. Obviously, you run even more risks at work, especially if the company you work for deals with sensitive data.

In fact, it already happened that the cyber criminals They managed to enter a corporate network using the access of an employee who had memorized the password to access his work in the browser. The main problem is that Many antiviruses used on home PCs do not detect the presence of Redline. When a password is memorized, the browser saves it in a login data file, an SQLite database: in addition to the login, the date and time of access, the URL and the number of accesses are also saved.

What can we do

How then to remember the thousand passwords needed for everyday life without even being able to use the browser help? exist dedicated sites that manage passwords , generate and protect them, also offering the self-completion service but safely. But we must also be careful, these sites they are almost always payment sites with variable amount subscriptions, so that in some way we will have no choice but to contract their services and do not trust websites or online companies either they say save or store our passwords for free.

However, if you work from home with sensitive data, if you have credit cards associated with many of your accounts, you may want to think about this small monthly or annual investment. If you think you can do without it, a tip: return to analog and write down your passwords in a notebook, It will be the easiest way so that no one can steal them from you and, furthermore, it will also be good that Change them every three months.

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