The moratorium on evictions ends in New York

New York shouts in Spanish against the end of the moratorium on evictions for non-payment of rent. Many of the more than two hundred and fifty thousand active eviction cases in this US state concern the Latino community and, as of this Saturday, as Governor Kathy Hochul announced, judges can once again order the expulsion of delinquent tenants.

– “A moratorium cannot be allowed to expire in the dead of winter, during a wave of Covid,” New York City Ombudsman Jumaane Williams shouted with a megaphone. “This can’t be like this, Governor. It just can’t be like this.”

For nearly two years, renters have been protected from evictions by authorities, who have seen the pandemic put jobs out of work and ruin the economy of millions of households in the United States. Now many stay on the street:

– “If it ends, and if it ends now, we know that tens of thousands of women and children of color in New York City are going to be evicted by their landlords, they are going to end up on the streets, they are going to end up in our shelter system. And that can’t possibly be right,” shouted New York City Comptroller Brad Lander.

– “How many more people have to stay on the street because of the greed of the owners who take advantage of the system by increasing prices? We are not going to take this situation anymore,” said Joyce Webster, a 58-year-old woman of color who is facing to an eviction.

The Governor of New York has asked the federal government for more rental assistance funds, since she only received 27 of the 1 billion she hoped to obtain from Washington.

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