The surprising forecasts of many cryptocurrency experts about Bitcoin and Ethereum for 2022 | Technology

Ethereum could see huge growth this year, even displacing Bitcoin.

Although Bitcoin is the current protagonist of the cryptocurrency market with a large market capitalization, the truth is that there are other digital currencies with great growth that are experiencing in recent months, and we are not talking about temporary growth and then disappear. , but of constant growth, and perhaps you should look very closely at Ethereum.

And it is that although Bitcoin now represents 40% of the market with 819,000 million dollars, according to the wealth management expert, Kevin Kelly, CEO of the financial firm Benchmark Investments, Ethereum will take this first place, and it will be this year.

Obviously for this to happen, the capitalization of Ethereum would have to double compared to current values, given that it now has a valuation of 393,000 million.

Everyone talks about cryptocurrencies but… do they really contribute anything, beyond their status as merchandise to speculate on? Let’s see what they are used for.

We have absolutely no doubt that a reversal may occur this year.”, he clarifies in a MarketWatch report.

To explain his prognosis he states that “the momentum that decentralized finance is taking, together with blockchains, and non-fungible tokens, allows us to forecast a huge growth of Ether for this year”.

The expert points out that “Ethereum is the network for the current digitization of the world. Over the next three to five years, we believe that the growth of blockchain applications will be unprecedented and Ether will absolutely have a role to play in this area.”.

To conclude, he reiterates that “we absolutely believe that Ether can exceed the value of the total market of Bitcoin this year”.

Although Bitcoin has grown quite a bit in the last year, improving up to 60%, the truth is that the growth of Ethereum has been even more spectacular, increasing by 400%, four times its previous price.

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