They reveal intimate encounters between Juan Gabriel and a high-ranking official and famous singer

John Gabriel He is still in the middle of the scandal despite the fact that he was always discreet with issues of his intimate life, since it was revealed with whom he had alleged sexual encounters in the 1980s, when the Mexican government was investigating him.

El Universal published that the authorities allocated public resources to investigate the intimate life of Divo de Juárez. Based on a file, they confirm that the Federal Security Directorate, an investigation and espionage agency of the PRI governments of the 1970s and 1980s, discovered details that few knew.

The newspaper published details of the espionage file that testifies that Juan Gabriel had sex with two of his cellmates when He was imprisoned in the ‘Black Palace’ of Lecumberri, accused of theft and damage to other people’s property.

They also discovered that Juan Gabriel had intimate encounters with a high-ranking Pemex official and with a famous singer who began his career in the 1980s and is still in force.. That says the file that is under the protection of the General Archive of the Nation.

According to El Universal, with this information they seek “to show that an apparatus of the Mexican State in charge of detecting threats to national security allocated resources to spy on a person and make statements without any documentary evidence.”

Likewise, it is pointed out that Juan Gabriel’s sentence was for three years, but he served half that time. The newspaper publishes that Enriqueta Jiménez ‘La Prieta Linda’, Efraín Blussman Pinker and General Andrés Puentes Vargas, father of the ex-husband of the singer Tatiana, paid the Divo de Juárez’s bail.

In his bioseries, Juan Gabriel recounted that he received support from the family of General Andrés Puentes, with whom he lived after leaving prison, months before rising to fame with his first hit ‘I have no money’.

The intelligence report describes that General Andrés Puentes Vargas, “who served as director of the Lecumberri prison, continually took Alberto Aguilera Valadez out of the aforementioned prison to perform at his private parties.”


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