This Matrix wallpaper is just what your mobile needs

Customize your mobile screen as the most incredible Matrix background of the moment. You can choose the color, the speed of the codes, their size…

The red pill or the blue? to have this amazing matrix wallpaper on your mobile you won’t have to choose, in this article we explain how to obtain it without having to make such a complicated decision. The mythical saga starring Keanu Reeves has recently returned to theaters with Matrix Resurrections, so we take advantage of the fact that it is once again a topical issue to recommend this wallpaper.

Specific, it is not an image that you can easily download to set as your home screen or lock screen wallpaper. We are talking about an application that is even better, because it allows you to choose aspects such as the color, size or speed of the codes. Pay attention to these latest data, because we have already advanced the main element of this Matrix wallpaper.

This Matrix wallpaper is just what your mobile needs

As we said, you must download an application on your mobile to be able to enjoy this wallpaper that we are talking about. It’s called MatrixCode and, as you will see when entering its Google Play Store page, it has a price of 3.99 euros. This is the amount you must pay to be able to download it to your mobile and thus be able to install the wallpaper based on the popular film saga.

We know that it is a considerably high price for some wallpapers, so we recommend that you use your money from Google Opinion Rewards so you don’t have to spend anything out of pocket. If you are not yet subscribed to this Google service, you should know that, in exchange for answering some surveys, it offers you an amount of money that you can then use in the app store.

Whether you purchased Matrix Code with your money or Opinion Rewards balance, you’ll be interested to know what you can do with the app. Well this allows you set live wallpaper in which some very common elements appear in the saga: computer codes. These they will slide up and down of the screen, although you have the option to configure the size, color and speed at which they scroll.

The best wallpapers for your mobile

Once the app is downloaded, you can set the wallpaper from the app itself or from the settings of the mobile. That’s how easy it is to personalize your phone with the Matrix aesthetic. Before choosing, you already know that it is interesting to analyze the application well to get to know in depth all the editing options that it offers you. Also, you should keep in mind that animated wallpapers consume more battery than the static ones.

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