Upgrade your iPad Pro with this Anker hub for less than €50

It is possible that one of the things that cannot convince you in the iPad Pro or other tablets that use a USB type C port is that it does not offer many options in the connectivity section (we always speak as a replacement for the laptop). To solve this, you can get a hub of Anker which, right now, has an excellent discount that makes it irresistible.

With these accessories, the physical connectivity options offered by a tablet or laptop are greatly increased, since using -in this case- a port usb type c the possibilities that this offers are multiplied taking advantage of the excellent versatility that this connection interface offers. And, all this, without having to put any cables in between, since the device that is on offer is plugged directly into the computer… and, in a matter of a few seconds, it is available for normal use. An excellent option Useful and, in this case, economic.

Anker USB Type-C Dark Gray

Aesthetically, the Anker USB type C has an excellently crafted finish that has a dark gray color that allows it to not clash with practically all the tablets and laptops what is on the market. In addition, due to its small dimensions and well thought-out design, does not wear at any time neither edges nor sides of the equipment in which it is connected. As far as the energy needed to function is concerned, this is acquired directly from the connection port, so you do not have to do anything at all for it to work normally.

Many connections in the hub

The options that you will find in this accessory are numerous. Some examples of options that are striking is that a port is included HDMI with support for 4K resolution and, in addition, a Memory card reader Y headphone jack. Options that are generally missing on many computers… especially those from Apple. But the good news of this Anker model does not end here, since it also has a port USB traditional to connect all kinds of accessories and another USB type C that, in addition, allows charging the battery without problems and safely with a power of up to 60W. The truth is that it is a most complete product.

Anker USB Type C plugged into an iPad Pro

Offer for this Anker, don’t miss it!

If you are convinced by everything that we have indicated so far about this product, you can buy it with a saving of 17% on Amazon, so its price drops to €49.99… a very interesting figure considering its excellent compatibility and high number of functions. We leave you the purchase link after this paragraph, where you try to take advantage of Prime accounts to pay nothing for shipping and receive the product the day after purchasing it. The truth is that there are many advantages in the well-known online store created by Jeff Bezos.

A final detail that we think is quite interesting about this Anker hub is that its weight is barely 51 grams, so you don’t add much to the tablet or laptop you use it on. And, this is very important since this accessory is designed to be used anywhere, both inside and outside the home. And, the truth is that this complete accessory for the iPad Pro works perfectly, to give an example.

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