When do classes start for the second semester in Puerto Rico?

The start of the second semester of classes in the public schools of Puerto Rico will be next Monday, January 24, according to Governor Pedro Pierluisi.

The determination was made, according to the executive, as a result of the positivity rate of COVID-19 which exceeds 35% on the island as a result of the wave of infections produced, for the most part, by the variant omicron of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

At a press conference, Pierluisi assured on Thursday that he continues to envision the start of face-to-face classes for that date, although he warned that he will continue to monitor the incidence of the virus.

The decision to resume or restart face-to-face education from Monday the 24th is still standing. We are going to do it in the same way that we did it in August of last year when we had the onslaught of the delta variant, which means that students are at school until noon and in some schools they divide the student body into groups,” the governor told questions The new day.

He stated that the Department of Education and the Department of Health will implement a safety plan that includes, among other things, random testing for the virus.

In addition, Pierluisi signed a new executive order so that students 12 years and older are vaccinated with their booster dose to be able to attend face-to-face classes. Otherwise, students will be required to take routine screening tests and submit results to administration. Virtual education will also be available for students who cannot be vaccinated, the governor said.

This statute also applies to the entire component that works in the education sector, so teachers, school employees, and contractors must have their booster dose.

Although classes would not start until January 24, teachers should report to school campuses this Tuesday, January 18. This day will also start classes for special education students.

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