Yalitza Aparicio responds to influencer Superholly’s criticism of her “perfect English”

the popular influencer super holly analyzed the English pronunciation of Yalitza Aparicio, on January 11, through his channel Youtube.

This after super holly find a publication that said that the Mexican speaks English perfectly, almost with a native accent.

However, the influencer’s expectations fell apart when she discovered that Yalitza in reality he is just learning English and it was a tabloid title.

‘Come with me to react for the first time to Yalitza Aparicio’s English after reading an article that qualifies it as “perfect”. I wanted to react live with the camera on and well… well, it wasn’t what I expected’, said the influencer about the English of Yalitza.

Without taking credit for his effort and talent super holly He assured that Yalitza Aparicio’s English is very basic and that his pronunciation corresponds to that of someone who notices that he is reading and thinking in Spanish.

Yalitza Aparicio responds to criticism of Superholly

As it was expected Yalitza She took things with good humor and even joked with her pronunciation, assuring that she also felt “scammed” with the article where they described her English as perfect:

‘I didn’t know he spoke English, I hadn’t found out’, He said.

In the same way, he confirmed that his English is basic (naturally) and that it has been a complicated process.

‘The effort is made, but it costs. As you say, it takes time. It’s a process and I don’t think I can speak perfect English right now, not really. Also, in this short the intention was exactly a girl who had to go to the United States. It had to be noted that he wasn’t from there’, talked Yalitza Aparicio.

This is how the Oaxacan explained her process of transformation from teacher to actress and therefore, venturing into the language of Shakespeare. At the end he mentioned “as our miss Holly said, because we also watch her videos to learn, it’s never too late to start, there are no ages. We set the limit ourselves, so keep going”.

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