How big is Elden Ring’s map compared to Dark Souls?

From Software’s new game features the biggest universe ever created by it

Scheduled to be released worldwide in a matter of a few hours, Elden Ring is From Software’s first game to truly embrace an open world. While titles like dark souls and bloodborne already presented big scenarios full of connections, they still had some divisions in their structures that made them closer to linear experiences.

While there is still no official confirmation on the map size of the new game, those who can already analyze it say with tranquility that it is totally different from any other work of the studio. Same dark souls 3 seems small in comparison, and much of that is down to the way the Japanese developer has structured its universe.

In addition to bringing points of interest highlighted on the map — which does not feature any quest markers or directories —, Elden Ring has filled its six different regions with tons of optional content. At any time, the player can find an ancient cave or ruin and spend hours exploring its contents, leaving out the main quests.

Scale surpasses the entire Souls series

While the game shares a lot of features from previous titles in the genre, when you try it out you’re quite happy to see that it has enough to stand out as well. The scale of the game is much greater than what we’ve witnessed in any of the previous Souls games.”, says Md Armughanuddinfrom the website Dual Shockers.

The Elden Ring map has been the subject of discussion since the game’s first public tests were released by From Software. At the time, the company offered only a fraction of the scenarios to be explored, and even the limited space was already surprising due to the large dimensions and variety of content.

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The expectation is that, with the official launch of the game — which takes place in a matter of a few hours —, new comparisons will emerge, giving us a real idea of ​​the dimension of the world created by From Software. The title comes to Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox one, Xbox Series X|S and PRAÇAand already has its digital preload released on all platforms.


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