Delete now! New malicious apps are identified in the Play Store

It is not new that many applications available in official virtual stores end up bringing a headache to cell phone owners. In the case of those who use the androidrecently, malicious apps have been discovered that steal personal and financial data from those who download them through the Play Store.

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The discovery made by the Dr.Web platform shows that suspicious applications use different types of approaches to attract more and more victims. They can be tools that promise the management of cryptocurrenciessocial benefits, photo editing and also with the promise of investment services.

Overall, the vast majority of this malware is aimed at stealing users’ information through easy profitability guarantees. After downloading the tool, the person is guided to register and start investing amounts of money. Obviously, operations will not yield.

List of malicious apps for you to delete from mobile right now

Below is a list of applications that have been identified by Dr.Web as a trojan and that pose risks to those who download:

  • Launcher iOS 15
  • Adorn Photo Pro
  • chain reaction
  • TOH
  • Invest Gaz Incomes
  • Gazprom Invest
  • Gaz Investor
  • Up Your Mobile
  • morph faces
  • Power Photo Studio

In addition to these, trojanized versions of unofficial mods were also found. Whatsapp. They use named changes from WhatsApp Plus, OBWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp to ensure access to the personal data of the downloader.

Trojan apps also capture information via Google Play and Samsung Galaxy Store notifications using the Flurry stat service. An additional, unmasked-update APK is also included during the process to redirect users to malicious websites.

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