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The skewers were sold on a street in Santiago

A dog tracking microchip was found in a girl’s stomach after she ate a barbecue skewer on a street in Santiago, Chile. On Facebook, councilor Michelle Tabilo Gatica explained that the story was passed on to the city council.

“I requested inspection of food in the illegal trade, but, as a recommendation, don’t eat anything on the street, and please take care of your pets”, says part of the posted text.

The girl was admitted to the hospital with abdominal discomfort. It is suspected that she consumed dog meat.

Last Thursday (7), the Health Department went to the place where the girl allegedly consumed the dog meat and carried out an inspection. Deputy Mayor Felipe Muñoz Vallejos was the one who released photos of the operation on his official Twitter profile.

Due to what happened, the city hall of Santiago banned the sale of street barbecue.

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