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There was tension in the air. América-MG’s courage did not leave the Atlético-MG fan calm. Galo made it 2-0, but the advantage only lasted for a few minutes. Soon the score would be uncomfortable. But it ended in relief. Atlético won the Libertadores, overcoming a sequence of draws.

As a visitor, Galo had a great result. It reaches eight points in Group D of the competition, and has two matches left as home team, against Del Valle and Tolima. The club can already guarantee classification in the next round, depending on the combination of results.

Turco Mohamed had the game’s strategy compromised with the injuries of Mariano and Vargas in the first half. He needed to dose the substitutions, since only the last exchange window remained for the second half. Galo spent practically the entire game having to deal with a “boring” America, who bet on speed.

América-MG vs Atlético-MG for Libertadores — Photo: Pedro Souza/Atlético-MG

In the first half, Atlético took the reins of the confrontation. Played like a champion. Possession of the ball, inversion of plays, shots worked and the goals of Arana and Nacho Fernández – the latter with Galo already weakened by injuries. América even reversed the situation, scored their goal in a fortuitous throw of the aerial ball.

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In the final stage, when they had fruitful counterattacks, Atlético once again sinned in the so-called “bluntness” by Turco Mohamed. He took risks and Everson, who had missed the American goal, saved his homeland in a beautiful defense.

It is worth mentioning the performance of Allan. Shirt 29 transforms Atlético’s midfield, at all stages. A giant. Also a good game from Guga, personality in the marking of the dangerous sector of Coelho, where Pedrinho fell. America naturally seemed to have more legs. Mancini made five exchanges.

Galo could have killed the game in bids with Ademir (twice), Keno and Zaracho. Hulk, who in the first half was marked by three defenders, had space in the final 45 minutes, making use of his dangerous runs. Goalkeeper Jailson also made two important interventions, which showed Atlético’s proximity to the third goal.

The alert to improve finishing is on, but the victory at this point in the Copa Libertadores showed an Atlético still with great ability to create plays. Ah, it is necessary to highlight the defense duo, practically impeccable in combat. Solid defense and productive attack is a recipe for success for the Rooster.

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Partner Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG — Photo: Disclosure

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