Arrastão de Cascadura is champion of the Superliga Bronze Series

Arrastão de Cascadura scored 269.8 points and won the Bronze Series title at Carnival 2022. Also up were União Cruzmaltina, Acadêmicos do Peixe, Mocidade Unida do Santa Marta, Acadêmicos do Dendê and Acadêmicos de Jacarepaguá. They fell to the Evaluation Group: Unidos de Manguinhos and Império de Petrópolis.

Photo: Lucas Santos/CARNAVALESCO website

“It was hard work. We don’t stop during the pandemic. We work step by step. We prepare to be on the Avenue. Our carnival artist Sandro Gomes was wonderful. Our parade was a blast. The community is very happy. The samba composers from 1995 paraded with us. We did some reconnaissance work”, said President Armenian Erthal, champion with Arrastão.

“The great spring of this access is the union. The school is united and strong. Young guys arrived to add. They arrived with courage and with the experience of other members we managed to climb. The result is there and we are in the Silver Series”, said J. Jorge Nascimento, from Mocidade Unidade do Santa Marta.

“It’s a lot of happiness. We are working from the Evaluation Group. Access to the Silver Series is amazing and exciting. We’re going to keep working hard, fighting and samba is changing and there’s room for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are connected to a team or fans, the important thing is to have samba”, commented Rodrigo Almeida, carnival artist at União Cruzmaltina.

“The emotion is very great. We fight a lot. It was quite difficult, but we made it. We work a lot on top of the obligations. Now it’s time to fight for access to the Gold Series”, said Mário Bandeira, a carnival artist from Dendê.

“I want to thank the entire Acadêmicos do Peixe family. We show our work. Our team struggled a lot. The difficulty was very great. The third place was deserved”, said Ronaldo Carvalho, president of the school.

“It was on the last note and on the last question. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. We are very happy and starting tomorrow the 2023 carnival will start playing”, quoted Daniel Arezes, from Acadêmicos de Jacarepaguá.

See 2022 Bronze Series final standings

1st Arrastão de Cascadura (champion and moved up to Série Prata): 269.8 points
2nd União Cruzmaltina (up to Silver Series): 269.6 points
3rd Acadêmicos do Peixe (up to Série Prata): 269.5 points
4th Mocidade Unida do Santa Marta (up to Série Prata): 268.7 points
5th Acadêmicos do Dendê (up to the Silver Series): 267.4 points
6th Acadêmicos de Jacarepaguá (up to Série Prata): 267.1 points
7th Tricolor Warriors: 267 points
8th Vicente de Carvalho: 266.9 points
9th Acadêmicos do Jardim Bangu: 266.8 points
10th Ricardian Empire: 265 points
11º Unidos de Manguinhos (relegated): 264.3 points
12th Empire of Petrópolis (relegated)

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