Athletico loses in altitude to Strongest and becomes lantern in Liberta

Athletico-PR could not resist the altitude of La Paz (BOL) and was massacred by 5 to 0 by The Strongest, tonight (3), for the fourth round of Group B of the Copa Libertadores. The Brazilian team even started the match well, but conceded all the goals with a header after crosses in their area and left the Hernando stadium Siles defeated.

After dominating the first 27 minutes, Hurricane couldn’t resist Saucedo’s crosses, who started the three plays that resulted in a goal. Triverio scored the first two with a header, at 31 of the first half and at 5 of the second, and deflected it to Prost to score the third, at 24. Also with a header, Cascini made the fourth, at 45, and Erick, against, closed the score. at 48.

With the defeat, Rubro-Negro leaves the classification zone to the round of 16 and falls to the bottom of the key, with four points. Strongest takes the vice-leadership, with five, behind only Libertad-PAR, which has seven. Caracas, who beat Paraguay 1-0, are third with five.

The Strongest wins the first

Today’s triumph breaks The Strongest’s negative streak. In the first three games of the tournament, the Bolivian club had scored just two points, with the draws at home, both 1-1, against Libertad and Caracas. Tigre had also only scored two goals, none of them with a header.

Who did well: Saucedo is a waiter, and Triverio does two

The Argentinian striker knew how to place himself very well inside the area and, without being marked, took the opportunity to score two goals with a header. Saucedo, author of the two assists for Triverio, also deserves to be highlighted. Both athletes also participated in the third goal, scored by Prost

Who was bad: Lucas Halter, Matheus Felipe and Nico

Tiverio owes a lot to Rubro-Negro’s defense trio, who gave him total freedom. The three defenders were very bad in the aerial ball plays and allowed the Bolivian Tiger to score five times.

Athletico Performance: Fast transition fails on completion

By adopting the 3-4-3, coach Fábio Carille made it clear what he intended. He congested the penalty area with the return of the wingers and left quick attackers to pull the counterattack. The idea, to avoid altitude wear with a well positioned formation, worked well at the beginning of the match, but it didn’t last.

In the first 27 minutes, Strongest didn’t take any danger kicking from outside or attacking from the bottom line, while Hurricane was dangerous in the offensive transition, quickly reaching the opponent’s goal. In the first good finish of the Bolivians, a corner that resulted in the goal and changed everything that Carille had previously planned.

Launching more into the attack, the team from Paraná left the game open, giving more space to the opponent. However, after taking the second goal, shortly after returning from the dressing room, he changed the tactical formation and adopted two lines of four, which were also not efficient.

Hurricane starts better

At 5 minutes, Vitinho hit a bomb and the ball, deflected, went over the goal. In the corner, Lucas Halter headed and stopped on the crossbar. Vitinho continued to be in danger and, at 18, took advantage of Canobbio’s pass to hit, taking paint off the beam.

Goalkeeper Viscarra appeared well at 21, when he spread Vitinho’s shot. On the rebound, Cascini prevented Cirino from having another chance to finish. Two minutes later, Cirino turned on the marker inside the area and went down asking for a penalty, however the referee ordered the match to continue.

Strongest improves and opens the scoreboard quickly

The home team’s first successful kick came at 27, with Ursino. Goalkeeper Bento palmed and Matheus Felipe sent it to a corner. Shortly after the charge, Jusino headed the crossbar.

The team’s improvement quickly resulted in the first goal, scored by Triverio. Saucedo had time and freedom to cross from the left. Triverio found a hole in the defense and went up alone to test for the back of the net.

repeated double

Another cross from Saucedo and another goal scored by Triverio. This time alone on the right, Saucedo raised in the area for Triverio, finding another space between the defenders, he doesn’t even need to go up to head to widen.

Three exchanges, new system and old failure

Losing by two goals, Carille changed to 4-4-2, at 12 of the second half, and promoted the entries of Terans, Vitor Bueno and Matheus Fernandes at once. However, the changes had little effect.

In the 24th minute, Saucedo again put the ball in the area through the air and did some damage to the Hurricane’s defense. This time, Triverio just deflected and Prost sent it to the back of the net.

turn rout

With the match resolved, Athletico was exchanging passes, while the home team continued to take more danger. Triverio hit hard and took danger to Bento, who slapped at 33.

At 45. Ursino crossed and Cascini headed in the right corner to make the fourth. In addition, in a free kick in the Hurricane area, Erick deflected against his own goal and scored the fifth for the hosts.

next games

In the fifth round of Group B, Hurricane receives Libertad-PAR, on the 18th (Wednesday). The Bolivians face Caracas, in Venezuela, the day before.

Before that, the Hurricane turns its attention to the Brasileirão. On Saturday (7), at 8:30 pm, the team enters the field at Arena da Baixada to face Ceará, for the fifth round.


Copa Libertadores da América – Fourth round of Group B
Date: May 3, 2022, Tuesday
Schedule: 19:15 (from Brasilia)
Local: Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz (BOL)
Referee: Augusto Menendez (PER)
Assistants: Michael Orue (PER) and Jesus Sanchez (PER)
goals: Triverio, at 31′ of the first half and 5′ of the second half; Prost, at 24′ of the second half; Cascini, at 45′ of the second half; and Erick (against), at 48′ of the second half
Yellow cards: Triverium (STR); Matheus Fernandes and Terans (ATH)

THE STRONGEST-BOL: Guillermo Viscarra; Diego Wayar (Saúl Torres), Adrián Jusino, Gonzallo Castillo and Juan Pablo Aponte; Luciano Ursino, Fernando Saucedo and Bautista Cascini; Gabriel Esparza (Camacho), Enrique Triverio (Reinoso) and Maurício Prost (Calleros). Technician: Christian Diaz

ATHLETICO-PR: Benedict; Lucas Halter (Matheus Fernandes), Matheus Felipe and Nico; Erick, Bryan Garcia (Terans), Hugo Moura (Cuello) and Abner; Canobbio, Vitinho (Pedro Rocha) and Marcelo Cirino (Vitor Bueno). Technician: Fábio Carille

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