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Pedro Souza/Atlético
Photo: Pedro Souza/Atlético

According to a study published by the Centro Internacional de Estudos Esportivos (CIES) this Monday (2), Matías Zaracho, from Atlético, is the fourth most expensive player in Brazil. According to the study, the midfielder’s value on the transfer market is 26.3 million euros (R$ 148.9 million).

He is the only Galo player on the list, which lists the 10 most valued athletes in the Brasileirão.

Also according to the study carried out by the international observatory, striker Gabigol, from Flamengo, is worth 38.5 million euros (R$ 204 million) and is the most expensive player in the country.

Arrascaeta, from Rubro-negro, and Danilo, from Palmeiras are also ahead of Zaracho.

The Argentine, who was one of Atlético’s stars in the 2021 Brasileirão Cup, arrived at the club in 2020 after paying US$5.5 million to Racing. According to the conversion at the time, Galo paid just over R$31 million to the Avellaneda club.

See the full list

Gabigol (Flamengo) – 38.5 million euros (R$ 204 million)
Arrascaeta (Flamengo) – 29.5 million euros (R$ 156.3 million)
Danilo (Palmeiras) – 28.1 million euros (R$ 148.9 million)
Zaracho (Atlético-MG) – 26.3 million euros (R$ 148.9 million)
Pedro (Flamengo) – 25.6 million euros (R$ 139.3 million)
Raphael Veiga (Palmeiras) – 25.1 million euros (R$ 133 million)
Luiz Henrique (Fluminense) – 24.1 million euros (R$ 127.7 million)
Marcos Leonardo (Santos) – 23.2 million euros (R$ 122.9 million)
Gabriel Pirani (Santos) – 22.9 million euros (R$ 121.3 million)
Helinho (RB Bragantino) – 21.6 million euros (R$ 114.4 million)

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