Botafogo and 13 more clubs sign a statement willing to sign the League’s formation through ‘deep analysis’

Previously placed as neutral in the discussion about the new League, the Botafogo signed, together with 13 other clubs – most of them from the Forte Futebol group – a statement in which they “are willing to sign the formation of the League as soon as an in-depth analysis is carried out”. The information is from columnist Danilo Lavieri, from UOL.

In addition to Botafogo, they are signatories of the communiqué Atletico-PR, America-MG, Atlético-GO, Hawaii, Ceará, coritiba, cuiabá, Strength, Goiás and Youth – members of Forte Futebol -, Atlético-MG, Fluminense and International.

In the document, the clubs also state that they believe in an agreement until the 12th, when a meeting is scheduled at the CBF headquarters with all clubs in Series A and B. However, the signatories emphasize that, in the way it was presented, the League “does not reduce inequality between Brazilian clubs”.

Botafogo and the other 13 clubs mentioned, continues the columnist, admitted that it is possible to sign the entry into the group – proposed by Flamengo, Corinthians, palm trees, Red Bull Bragantino, saints and Sao Paulo – and then discuss changes to the Libra statute (name given to the new League), especially in relation to revenue sharing.

Check out the full note:

The signatory clubs received, last Friday, the call for the meeting held this Tuesday (05/03/2022) in São Paulo, with the aim of discussing the terms of the creation of the Brazilian Professional Football League.

The clubs were promptly willing to attend the meeting, despite the emergency call, thus demonstrating that they are absolutely aware of and engaged in the formalization of the entity, with wide adhesion from Series A and B.

Among the many reasons for the formation of the league is the pressing need to raise the level of quality of Brazilian football, rescuing its leading role on the world stage. The way to reach this objective is, yes, the construction of a strong championship, with revitalized clubs and a standard of equanimity in the conditions of dispute.

The idea of ​​the league has the merit of providing greater revenues for clubs, which could live in a more financially balanced environment. However, the conditions presented for the incorporation of the associations to the League still do not allow the fulfillment of the main objective, which is the search for equanimity between the clubs.

The document presented and for now signed only by a few Clubs presents revenue distribution rules that do little to reduce the current revenue sharing disparity. There is indeed a reduction in the difference, but it is still below the ideal, which can be easily achieved through dialogue.

Among the various issues to be discussed, the main aspects are the percentage previously defined for the distribution of equal revenue, the limit to be established as the difference in revenue between the first and the last club in the competition. There are also other points to be discussed, especially with regard to the criterion of engagement, but which can be the object of deepening after the effective entry of the signatory Clubs into the League.

The signatory clubs of this letter are willing to sign the formation of the League as soon as possible an in-depth analysis on the mentioned criteria, in addition to others, of lesser impact and that can be analyzed at the opportune moment, but equally important, reason why they trust that , until the next meeting, with possible advances in the understanding of solving such points, it will be possible to reach an adhesion of Clubs in greater number and with that the formalization of the League with great strength and unity.

América-MG, Atlético-MG, Athletico-PR, Atletico-GO, Avai, Botafogo, Ceará, Coritiba, Cuiabá, Fluminense, Fortaleza, Goiás, Internacional, Juventude

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