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THE Ceará won the La Guaira-VEN 3-0, this Tuesday (3), for the 4th round of the Copa Sudamericana 2022. At Arena Castelão, Vovô won the positive result with goals from Mendoza, Erick and Vina. Thus, he maintains 100% success in the tournament, with four victories.

In the table, he adds 12 points and remains in the 1st position of Group G – only the leader advances to the knockout stage. The next duel, however, is for Serie A: Saturday, at 8:30 pm, away from home, against Athletico-PR.

The game

Ceará put a lot of pressure on La Guaira, mainly on the sides of the field

Kid Junior / SVM

Ceará used a mixed team at the beginning of the game, with Wescley and Cléber. Betting on the high lines, he put a lot of pressure on La Guaira and controlled the counterattacks at Arena Castelão. The main chances were for Lima, who moved a lot and bet on finishing the intermediate.

The big move was at 24, when the midfielder kicked hard to save the goalkeeper Cristhian Flores. At 31, Richard regained possession, gave in to Mendoza, who kicked weakly, and the steering wheel stamped the post in the left hand. Subsequently, the alvinegra bet was the cross in the area, without great results.

With the progress of the minutes and the more accentuated posture, Grandpa began to leave spaces for the visitors, who took little advantage. Coach Dorival Júnior is still forced to make a forced substitution: Messias suffered a muscle injury and gave way to Marcos Victor.

Second time

Vina entered the 2nd half and scored one of Ceará’s goals in the victory

Kid Junior / SVM

At the return of the break, Dorival Júnior activated Vina and Erick. Ceará then grew and improved in the last third of the field. At 4, Lima kicked outside the edge of the area. In the next minute, Vina received in depth and stopped on goalkeeper Cristhian Flores.

Better on the field, Grandpa opened the scoring in the 13th minute. After Erick’s cross, Mendoza headed firmly and opened the scoring: 1×0. With a favorable result, Geovane and Lindoso entered the match.

At 20, Vina made it bigger at Arena Castelão: 2×0. The midfielder took advantage of a wrong cut by La Guaira’s defense after a corner and slammed into the back of the net. The alvinegro team continued to press and even scored one more at 30, with Erick. Thus, it achieved a new positive and important result in the Copa Sudamericana, maintaining 100% success.

Ceara vs La Guaira | follow the timeline

Follow the bid by bid

0-15m from the 1st T: Ceará started the game by pressing the ball out of La Guaira and working on speed through the wings. From the edge of the area, Lima took danger in a strong kick, defended by Cristhian Flores in the 14th minute. In the offensive moves, Vovô also bet on the aerial ball and controlled the possession.

15-30m from the 1st T: Ceará kept the intensity and left the rival more cornered. The main chances were for Lima, participating and betting on the intermediate submissions. Better on the field, Grandpa had to replace Messias, who was injured and was replaced by Marcos Victor.

30-48m of the 1st T: with movement, Ceará advanced the lines. In this strategy, Richard disarmed in midfield, took off and played for Mendoza, who deflected. The ball returned to the steering wheel, which hit the post As time progressed, Grandpa gave in to counterattacks, but he wasn’t scared.


0-15m from the 2nd T: Ceará returned with Erick and Vina. The team increased the volume and had a great chance at 5. Vina received a deep pass and hit for the defense of the goalkeeper Cristhian Flores. At 13, Erick raised the ball in the area for Mendoza’s header, opening the scoring at Arena Castelão.

15-30m from the 2nd T: with a favorable score, Dorival called Geovane and Rodrigo Lindoso. At 20, after a wrong cut in La Guaira’s defense, Vina took the opportunity to expand the score. Already at 30, Erick started through the middle and kicked to secure the 3rd goal.

30-45m from the 2nd T: Ceará followed with high pressure in the final stretch. With the changes, he kept his breath and kept pressing La Guaira, who responded with a cover kick to Garcia’s 38th – Lacerda pushed away. Thus, Grandpa secured a new positive result.


Technical sheet | Ceará 3 x 0 La Guaira

Competition: Copa Sudamericana – 4th round.
Date: 05/03/2022.
Time: 21:30 (Brasilia time).
Stadium: Arena Castelão, in Fortaleza (CE).
Goals: Mendoza, Erick and Vina, all in the 2nd half.
Yellow cards: Jon Aramburu (La Guaira).
Broadcast: Conmebol TV, Rádio Verdinha and Real Time in Diário do Nordeste.
Referee: Christian Ferreyra (URU).
Assistants: Nicolás Taran (URU) and Carlos Barreiro (URU).


Ceará: Richard; Nino Paraíba, Messias (Marcos Victor), Gabriel Lacerda and Victor Luís; Richard (Beautiful), Kelvyn (Erick) and Wescley (Geovane); Mendoza, Lima and Cleber (Vina). Coach: Dorival Junior.

La Guaira: Cristhian Flores; Keiber Lamadrid (Guillermo Marin), Lan Mantia, Jiovany Ramos, Jon Aramburu (Arias) and Kendrys Silva; Clyde Garcia, Yohan Cumana, Paz (Garcia) and Santiago Herrera (Unrein); Jovanny Bolivar (Mosquera). Coach: Daniel Farias.

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