Ceará beats La Guaira at Castelão and maintains 100% in South America

Ceará beat Deportiva La Guaira-VEN 3-0 on Tuesday night, 3, at Castelão, and maintained 100% success in the tournament. With another triumph, Vovô reached 12 points and remains isolated in the leadership of Group G.

Alvinegro had a low first half in the offensive part and only managed to be more assertive with the changes made by coach Dorival Júnior in the second stage. Mendoza, Vina and Erick scored the goals of the game. The elastic score was important for Ceará to improve the goal difference, which now stands at eight.

The game

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The option of Dorival Júnior to start a very modified team, with only one defensive midfielder, Wescley in the middle and centralized Cléber, for example, made Ceará have some difficulty in the first half, even in front of a harmless La Guaira. Grandpa was in control of the game, but he didn’t create clear scoring chances.

Of the ten Alvinegro shots in the first stage, only one was on goal. It was Lima’s kick, at 14′, which hit placed after scoring with Wescley in the penalty area, on the left. Goalkeeper Flores clapped. Other than that, Ceará arrived with some shots from outside the area or, with Lima himself, twice, penetrating, clearing the marker and kicking, but both went out.

In the penalty area, Cléber did not receive any ball in condition to finish. The most he could manage was to receive a pass from Victor Luís, in the half-moon, with his back to the goal, turn and hit, but there was a deflection of the defense.

The midfielder Richard Coelho also had an opportunity, taking advantage of a wrong exit from Ramos, stole the ball in the middle, entered the area, went to the baseline and rolled back. Mendoza came along with a defender, close behind; the ball caught them and returned to the black-and-white steering wheel. At the foot of the post, he kicked but hit the post.

Dorival Júnior understood that the team needed changes and took Cléber and Kelvyn to the entrances of Vina and Erick, respectively. The team had already made a change in the 22nd minute because Messias suffered an injury to the posterior muscle of his right thigh, giving way to Marcos Victor.

In addition to the changes, the coach’s conversation with the players in the dressing room seemed to have an effect, because, right away, Ceará had two good opportunities. First with a low cross from Nino Paraíba that the goalkeeper dived to clear, but found nothing. Mendoza, almost in the small area, deflected, but a defender saved. Lima took the leftover from outside the area and sent it over. In the next move, Vina received a pass in front and came out on the defender’s back to finish, but stopped on goalkeeper Flores.

La Guaira even got the first shot on goal in the 11th minute, in a long shot from Cumana, which Richard held tight, but with a more aggressive behavior, the first goal of Grandpa was designed and came out in the 14th minute. On the right, Erick took Aramburu “to dance” and made the cross. In the small area, on the other side, Mendoza appeared to head it down and send it into the net.

Behind on the scoreboard, the Venezuelan team would have to leave more for the game. Unrein, who had come off the bench, at 18, managed to turn at the entrance of the area and hit, for another defense by Richard. Vovô’s coach then redid his midfield, putting Geovane and Rodrigo Lindoso.

La Guaira, however, went far from putting pressure on. With more technical quality, Ceará continued to reach the attack and in the 20th minute, after a corner kick, which had a bad departure from the opposing archer, Vina only pushed the ball into the open goal.

The orange team had one more chance, originating from a set piece in the 25th minute. After a corner kick, Silva took the ball in the right tip of the penalty area and kicked low, forcing the white-and-white goalkeeper to make a good save. There was a rebound, but Richard came out closing the angle and the conclusion was over the goal.

Even ahead of the score, Ceará could not be satisfied and just manage. With only one spot in the group for the round of 16, goal difference can be important to define the leader – and Ceará’s last game will be away from home against the main competitor, Independiente-ARG -, therefore, scoring more goals was important. And left.

At 30′, Erick went over the defense, invaded the area and hit the goalkeeper’s exit, increasing it to 3 to 0. It was the player’s first goal for Vovô.


Richard; Nino Paraíba, Messias (Marcos Victor) G. Lacerda, Victor Luís; Richard Coelho (Beautiful), Kelvyn (Erick); Mendoza, Wescley (Geovane), Lima; Cleber (Vina). Tech: Dorival Junior

La Guaira-VEN
Flowers; Silva, La Mantía, Ramos, Aramburu (Arias), Lamadrid (Marin); Garcia, Cumana, Herrera (Unrein), Paz (Heber Garcia); Bolivar (Mosquera). Tech: Daniel Farias

Location: Castelão, in Fortaleza-CE
Date: 5/3/2022
Time: 21:30h
Referee: Christian Ferreyra-URU
Assistants: Nicolas Taran-URU and Carlos Barreiro-URU
Yellow cards: Aramburu (LGU)
Goals: 14min/2T – Mendoza; 20min/2T – Vine; 30min/2T – Eric
Income: BRL 133,876.00
Audience: 20,415

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