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The taxpayer who has tax to pay must deliver the 2022 income tax return by next Tuesday (10) to be able to pay off all quotas or single quota of the tribute in automatic debit. It is possible to pay the IR in up to eight installments.

If you declare the IR later, you can pay the first quota or single quota until May 31, the final date for delivery of the declaration, but it will have to be through Darf (Federal Revenue Collection Document). According to the Federal Revenue, the taxpayer who declares after the 10th can still place the quotas in automatic debit, but only from the second installment.

“Whoever wants to opt for the automatic debit of the single quota or the first quota onwards must deliver the declaration by 05/10/2022. After that date, the option for automatic debit will only reach the second quota onwards”, informs the federal agency. Quotas expire on the last business day of each month.

See the 2022 IR payment schedule:

Quota Due date
1st May 31
2nd 30/jun
3rd July 29
4th aug 31
5th 30/sep
6th 31/Oct
7th nov/30
8th December 29

According to Marcos Hangui, a specialist in Income Tax at King Accounting, to be able to place the tax on automatic debit, however, the taxpayer must be the holder of the bank account. In addition, the installment of quotas has a minimum value. “The total tax owed must be greater than R$100. No quota can be less than R$50”, says Hangui.

The specialist also points out that those who are unable to deliver before the 10th and are going to pay the IR through Darf on May 31st need to be aware of the bank’s working hours, whether at ATMs, branches or over the internet. Those who delay have charges. “It’s best to schedule it or check your bank’s cut-off time,” he says.

More than 18 million submitted the declaration

According to the Federal Revenue, until 11 am this Monday (2) 18.4 million income tax returns were delivered. For this year, 34.1 million documents are expected.

Regarding the payment of the IR, the Revenue informs that, in most cases, it occurs at the time the income is received. However, there may be a tax to be paid upon delivery of the return, in what the tax authorities call an annual adjustment.

“If the tax payable is less than R$ 10, you do not need to pay. The tax between R$ 10 and R$ 100 must be paid in a single installment (in one installment)”, says the agency.

After submitting the declaration, it is possible to generate and print the Darf to pay the tax in the Income Tax program itself, in the e-CAC or through the My Income Tax application. Go to “Declaration”, then “Print” and finally “Darf”.

How to put Income Tax on automatic debit

  1. After filling out the IR declaration, go to “Ficha”, in “Declaration Summary” and “Tax Calculation”
  2. Enter your bank details (bank, branch and account number)
  3. Choose the number of shares and whether it will be by automatic debit
  4. Also inform if the installment will be from the first quota or single quota (for delivery until May 10) or if it will be from the second quota
  5. Submit the IR and save the receipt

According to government information, if the worker has not made the option for automatic debit in the declaration and wants to join later, it is possible to access the e-CAC Portal, under “My Income Tax”. Under “Payment”, select “Consult, Authorize and Cancel Direct Debit”.

In the e-CAC, it is also possible to issue Darf and change the number of IR quotas, in addition to bank details, without having to rectify the declaration.


  • Workers, retirees and public servants who received taxable income of more than BRL 28,559.70 in the year 2021
  • who received exempt incomenon-taxable or taxed exclusively at source above BRL 40 thousand in 2021which includes the FGTS (Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Serviço) and unemployment insurance, for example
  • Who had, on 12/31/2021, assets and rights of more than BRL 300 thousand
  • The taxpayer who has performed trading on the stock exchange in 2021
  • Who moved to Brazil and here it was on 12/31/2021
  • The taxpayer who opted for the IR exemption on capital gain (profit) on the sale of residential property whose value was invested in the purchase of another property in the country, within a period of up to 180 days from the sale
  • who had gross revenue from rural activities of more than BRL 142,798.50 or want to compensate for losses in this area

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