Leading HB20 and Fiat Pulse in the ‘top 5’, see the ranking

The Brazilian vehicle market is experiencing a very bad start to the year. The numbers for the month of April, released this Tuesday (3) by Fenabrave, the dealers’ federation, were disappointing. In all, 136,341 automobiles and light commercial vehicles were delivered, little for a market that, in the strongest months, exceeded 300,000 units. In comparison with March, with 134,904 units, growth was a modest 1.08%. However, even without presenting an evolution in the numbers, the ranking of the best selling cars do you have any news.

THE Fiat Strada remains the isolated leader, with the Hyundai HB20 in high in 2nd place – and leader among cars. Meanwhile, the Chevrolet Onix dropped to 4th place, with 5,574 units sold. That is, behind Fiat Mobi, which was the 3rd most registered last month. But the main novelty is the leadership of SUVs, which, for the first time, is from the Fiat Pulse. The model made in Betim (MG) totaled 5,520 units in April, and thus took 5th place in the general ranking.

With the compact SUV, the Italian brand is strengthened and has five models in the “top 10”. To give you an idea, Pulse spent the T-Cross, leader of the utilities in the accumulated, with almost a thousand cars more than the rival. the SUV of VWby the way, plummeted from 4th to 10th place in April, because of the shortage of components that affects the German brand at the moment.


Ranking: April’s best-selling cars

In the list of best-selling models there are other important changes in relation to the March registrations. This is the case, for example, of the Fiat Argo, which was in 18th place, with 3,078 sales. The hatch rose in April to 6th place, with twice as many sales. Another that stood out in April was the sedan Chevrolet Onix Pluswhich jumped from 12th to 7th position.

SUVs are still on the crest of the wave, but we had some major setbacks in April. THE Chevrolet Tracker , for example, left the “top 10” and closed last month in 11th place, with 4,410 units. Likewise, the Hyundai Crete dropped out of the top ten list of the ranking, and appears in 12th. In addition, the Jeep Renegadewhich won the 2023 line in February, is still trying to catch its breath from 2021, when it led SUV sales in the country. The April ranking looked like this:

  • 1st) Fiat Strada – 7,983
  • 2) Hyundai HB20 – 6,502
  • 3rd) Fiat Mobi – 5,911
  • 4) Chevrolet Onix – 5,574
  • 5th) Fiat Pulse – 5,520
  • 6th) Fiat Argo – 5,488
  • 7) Chevrolet Onix Plus – 5,240
  • 8) Fiat Toro – 5,107
  • 9th) Jeep Compass – 4,766
  • 10th) Volkswagen T-Cross – 4,570
  • 11th) Chevrolet Tracker – 4,410
  • 12th) Hyundai Crete – 4,255
  • 13th) Jeep Renegade – 4,165
  • 14th) Toyota Hilux – 4,069
  • 15th) Toyota Corolla Cross – 3,861
  • 16th) Renault Kwid – 3,849
  • 17th) Toyota Corolla – 3,729
  • 18th) Hyundai HB20 S – 3,192
  • 19th) Fiat Cronos – 3,043
  • 20th) Volkswagen Nivus – 2,644

Tough times for VW

Fiat and GM continue to dominate the ranking of brands, but the Italian company has a good difference of more than 10 thousand license plates against GM. On the other hand, the Volkswagen is brutally affected by the lack of components on the market, and continues to suffer in the license plates. This month, the German fell again in the list, going from 5th to 6th place. And who liked that was the Jeep which then overtook VW with good sales of the medium Compass.

T-Cross best seller ranking

In addition, the ranking does not bring major changes. Despite the slight drop in the month with Corolla sedan and Cross, the Toyota continues with 3rd place, followed by Hyundai. But the trend is that, with the next releases, the list presents more news and twists. Below, the ranking of brands in April:

  • 1st) Fiat – 34,369 (25.21%)
  • 2nd) General Motors – 21,231 (15.57%)
  • 3rd) Toyota – 16,314 (11.97%)
  • 4th) Hyundai – 14,098 (10.34%)
  • 5th) Jeep – 10,830 (7.94%)
  • 6th) Volkswagen – 9,501 (6.97%)
  • 7th) Renault – 8,168 (5.99%)
  • 8th) Honda – 4,176 (3.06%)
  • 9th) Nissan – 3,404 (2.50%)
  • 10th) Caoa Chery – 3,259 (2.39%)
  • 11th) Peugeot – 2,370 (1.74%)
  • 12th) Mitsubishi – 1,656 (1.21%)
  • 13th) Ford – 1,622 (1.19%)
  • 14th) BMW – 1,108 (0.81%)
  • 15th) Citroën – 819 (0.60%)

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