Man undergoes surgery to relocate penis after organ was attached to arm; understand

A British man has suffered such a severe blood infection that he has lost his penis. So that he would not lose the organ once and for all, the doctors decided to fix it in his arm for six years, when, after surgery, the patient managed to regain his sex life. The penis had been put in place.

Malcolm MacDonald, 47, lived through the “nightmare” after being diagnosed in 2010 with an infection in the perineum region. The BBC documentary, “The man with a penis in his arm”, shows the drama, and the solution found by doctors to manufacture a new organ, using the skin of the left arm.

“People ask me about it when they see me at the pub and of course they make jokes,” he said. “But I understand. It’s not every day you see a man with a penis in his arm. I see the funny side of it. I have no other option,” says the man.

He also remembered the time the organ had nearly hit the head of an elderly woman in the market. While trying to help the woman get an item from the top shelf, the penis came out of her shirt sleeve. “It’s something to tell the grandkids, isn’t it?” he joked.

It was at the beginning of this year that MacDonald was able to have a successful surgery, with the movement of the penis to the pubic region.

Before, the correction surgery was being postponed due to issues ranging from scheduling mistakes, lack of professionals and even obstacles caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

For the procedure, nerves and blood vessels were removed from the arm, so that they were sewn together in the lower part of the abdomen. Thus, the blood supply to the new penis was established.

In addition to the work of urologists together with plastic surgeons to ensure a functional urethra, doctors also added 5 cm to the organ, at the request of the patient, totaling 15 cm.

“It was a nine-hour operation,” he said. “The first thing I did was look down and I thought, ‘I can’t believe it. They did it this time,'” he celebrated.

Specialists also installed two tubes in the penis to inflate it like a hand pump, to allow an erection. “This could be a turning point in my life,” said MacDonald.

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