Putin and Macron Talk by Phone About Ukraine Conflict

Russian president says EU countries lack knowledge about situation in Donbass

The presidents of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and France, Emmanuel Macron, spoke this Tuesday (May 3, 2022) by phone to discuss the conflict that has been going on since February 24 in Ukraine. On the occasion, Putin told the Frenchman that war, in fact, is a “military operation” carried out to defend the interests of Donbass, a region that integrates the breakaway provinces of Luhansk and Donetsk, in eastern Ukraine.

According to a statement released by the Kremlin, Putin highlighted that there is a “unfamiliarity” of EU countries (European Union) on the situation in Donbass. Russia claims that Ukrainian forces are bombing and killing civilians in the breakaway region. “The West could help stop these atrocities by exerting appropriate influence over Kiev authorities”it says.

Another factor addressed in the conversation was the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine. The topic has been increasingly discussed since when Russia warned the United States about the risk of a “nuclear war” if it continued to send weapons into the country.

To the French president, Putin highlighted the fundamental factors in the peace negotiations between the countries. According to him, “despite Kiev’s inconsistency and unpreparedness for serious work, the Russian side is still open to dialogue.”

Emmanuel Macron expressed concern about ensuring global food security. In this context, Putin says that the situation is complicated mainly due to the sanctions measures of Western countries, and highlighted the importance of the unimpeded functioning of the global infrastructure of logistics and transport.

The leaders agreed to keep in touch.

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