Review: The Dropout is a must-see and absurd true story

The Dropout
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There are some real stories that are too absurd to be true. In some cases, we need to surrender to surveys to make sure we’re not being duped. With The Dropout, miniseries available on Star+, the check up is constant. The actions and effects seen in the show are so insane that we can’t conceive of many of them in the realm of reality. The first question that jumps out is: how did several companies and people give millions of dollars into the hands of a young woman whose project didn’t work? How did someone invest in something that just didn’t exist?

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In the plot we follow Elizabeth Holmes, a young woman with a promising future. She’s got a good family, she’s smart, and she went to Stanford. During college, she has an idea and decides to put it into practice, even if she doesn’t have the money or the technical and intellectual capacity to do it. At the time, she meets Sunny, a businessman who hit the jackpot when he sold an old idea and thus had free time and money to spare. Holmes drops out of college and, without delay, starts his own company and then starts her idea.

The Dropout is the portrait of a world that invests in lies

And the idea was good. In theory, Holmes would like a drop of blood to be enough to carry out several tests that normally take days to perform and use larger amounts of blood. That little drop would go to a portable machine, tiny and with few buttons. There, the technology would do the reading in a few minutes and the exam would be issued. The problem is that the machine never worked. As a matter of fact, it is possible that she has worked one time, and even then under strong outside influences and probably by accident.

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Thus, Holmes’ project was a failure. It was a failure from the start and remained so for years. Still, Elizabeth managed to build an empire and in a short time became one of the richest women in the world. She created Theranos, a huge company, and grabbed huge chunks of investors. One of the sponsors put more than 100 million in Holmes’ company without ever having seen the machine work.

Amanda Seyfried is impeccable in the role of fake businesswoman

The Dropout, therefore, it is excellent for drawing an absurd portrait of modern society. We live in an era where people don’t brag about people, but companies. Today, the public is not a fan of an artist, but of a company. Many ride the wave that the likes of Steve Jobs created. Elizabeth Holmes herself was an ardent fan of Jobs. His way of acting, speaking and dressing mimicked that of the creator of Apple. Holmes was an idea, something she and the others designed. Like her machine, Holmes never really existed.

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His voice was a farce. It is clear that the young woman deepened her voice to appear older and more experienced. And Amanda Seyfried puts on a show by impersonating the businesswoman. The actress, by the way, deserves all the praise and awards for her surgical performance of Holmes. Seyfried modulates his voice and moves like Elizabeth. Just watch videos of the real girl to see the brilliance of the actress’ work. It is also worth noting that Seyfried does not imitate the real Elizabeth Holmes. She embodies the character and gives the woman her own nuances. Compare her work with that of Viola Davis in The First Lady, where the actress just imitates the mannerisms of Michelle Obama.

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Miniseries is nonsense that needs to be told today

Because of its absurdity, The Dropout It’s energetic, engaging. Keeping up with her is like watching an electrifying fictional thriller. Each episode brings a different twist and each character is more iconic than the next. So it’s not just Seyfried that shines. Naveen Andrews is excellent, while Sam Waterston, Stephen Fry and William H. Macy steal the show. Together, these characters were a gallery that no fiction could create. So, The Dropout joins dopesick like the series about the industry and the lies they tell us.

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To complete, The Dropout it is the exception of a rule that we will comment on here. We defend that some real stories need time to be brought to the screens. the creator of The Crown, for example, he believes that it takes 20 years for us to be able to interpret and, finally, dramatize real events. One of the problems of The First Lady, for example, it was precisely to fictionalize very recent moments. Time, after all, puts things in place and only then do we understand its unfolding.

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The Dropout, however, it reports very recent facts. The last details of the story, for example, happened this year, in 2022. That is, it is a drama that is still being written. The Dropout is different from the others for one simple factor: urgency. The miniseries tells a current story that needs to be told now. It is an absurdity that has happened and has happened frequently in the corporate world. In this sense, The Dropout it’s like David Fincher’s The Social Network: it’s an epic that needs to be contacted as it happens.

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Otherwise, no one would believe it.

Grade: 5/5

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