Tiago Nunes makes self-criticism of work at Corinthians and gives ‘tips’ to Vtor Pereira

Coach Tiago Nunes, who worked at Corinthians during 2020, recalled his days at the head of the technical command of the Parque São Jorge team. In an interview with the Portuguese newspaper recordthe coach valued his work at the alvinegro club and regretted the lack of positive results.

“There is a clear difference between good results and good work.. We did a good job; the good results did not come. I value work because intent is not measured. If you value a work that is not good, but that has good results, and you don’t value a good work that doesn’t bring results, you don’t have to be bothered. It is necessary to find a favorable context for that work to deliver good results. They are cycles, even more so in Brazil where the second is the first of the last” said Tiago Nunes.

Namely, Nunes commanded Corinthians for 27 opportunities, accumulating 45% of the points played. In total, there were nine wins, ten draws and eight defeats in the period between January and September 2020.

Tiago Nunes also revealed his expectations for the work of Vítor Pereira ahead of Timão. For him, the mission of the Portuguese coach ahead of Corinthians is similar to the one he faced in 2020, under the expectation of reformulating the team’s tactical culture.

“Very difficult (the VP mission). I had the same mission. I was invited by Corinthians to change the team’s game characteristics, which for more than ten years had been playing a game for the result, pragmatic and more focused on defensive than offensive actions. When you try to change the culture of a club, it takes time because either you invest in people to adapt, or you have to change people: players and who leads the processes. I couldn’t, there was a lot of resistance. It’s a massive club, there are more than 35 million fans, a giant club”, said Tiago Nunes.

“THE Vítor Pereira is facing the same challenge. Changing the culture, especially for him who is an attacking coach who is looking for the goal. Without making compromises it can be more difficult. I hope he succeeds, but he’s going to need the results a lot. And if these don’t come in the short term, it probably won’t stay long.”

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