Veiga scores three goals in Bolivia and becomes the top scorer in the history of Palmeiras in Libertadores | palm trees

The record tie came in the first half, with a goal taking a penalty (his 22nd in this way for the club), and another completing Dudu’s pass, with an empty goal.

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Goal by Raphael Veiga in Independiente Petrolero x Palmeiras — Photo: Staff Images/Conmebol

In the final stage, a goal worthy of the importance he had in history, to put him at the top of the list, with a beautiful long shot, in the angle.

Veiga takes the first position on the list just two rounds after Rony reached the post, in the first leg against Independiente Petrolero, at Allianz Parque.

In addition to the record, Raphael Veiga entered the fight for the artillery of the current edition of Libertadores. Now he has six goals, one less than Rafael Navarro, also from Palmeiras, leader with seven.

This was also the first hat-trick of Veiga’s career.

The top scorers of the palm trees in Libertadores:

  • Raphael Veiga: 14 goals
  • Ron: 13 goals
  • Alex: 12 goals
  • Willian, Borja and Tupãzinho: 11 goals
  • Lopes: 9 goals
  • Dudu, Gustavo Scarpa, Edmundo, Ademir da Guia and César Maluco: 8 goals

"Palmeiras won 5-0, lay down and rolled", celebrates Bocca |  The Voice of the Crowd

“Palmeiras won 5-0, lay down and rolled”, celebrates Bocca | The Voice of the Crowd

— Photo: Reproduction

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