Very good! Nomad extends your card usage to 54 countries and US Territories

Nomad is a free digital checking account in the United States, aimed at Brazilians. In this post, we are going to show that Nomad has increased its debit card acceptance, and now they are 54 US Countries and Territories, Which is very good! Since its creation, one of the company’s focuses has been to expand the number of countries that accept its debit card, and this is becoming a reality.

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Nomad debit card accepted in 54 countries and US Territories

Now the Nomad debit card, whether in its digital or physical version, is not only accepted in the United States, but is also accepted in 54 countries and US Territories, including Brazil.

Listed below are all the countries and US Territories where the Nomad debit card is accepted. We highlight the news in bold.

  1. Germany;
  2. Argentina;
  3. aruba;
  4. Australia;
  5. Austria;
  6. Bahrain;
  7. Belgium;
  8. Bolivia;
  9. Brazil;
  10. Canada;
  11. Qatar;
  12. Chile;
  13. Colombia;
  14. Costa Rica;
  15. Croatia;
  16. curacao;
  17. Denmark;
  18. Arab Emirates;
  19. Ecuador;
  20. Spain;
  21. U.S;
  22. Estonia;
  23. Finland;
  24. France;
  25. Greece;
  26. Guam;
  27. Netherlands;
  28. Hong Kong;
  29. Northern Mariana Islands;
  30. US Virgin Islands;
  31. Ireland;
  32. Iceland;
  33. Israel;
  34. Italy;
  35. Jamaica;
  36. Japan;
  37. Luxembourg;
  38. Mexico;
  39. monaco;
  40. Norway;
  41. Panama;
  42. Paraguay;
  43. Peru;
  44. Poland;
  45. Puerto Rico;
  46. Portugal;
  47. United Kingdom (Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales);
  48. Dominican Republic;
  49. Czech republic;
  50. American Samoa;
  51. Singapore;
  52. Sweden;
  53. Switzerland; and
  54. Uruguay.

It’s great to see Nomad increasingly expanding their debit card acceptance. It is worth noting that the list of countries mentioned continues to expand.

For more details on using your Nomad debit card in any of the countries and US Territories listed above, we suggest you read this post. Please note that transaction amounts will be converted to US Dollars in your Nomad app, based on the Mastercard quote at the time of the transaction.

Step by step to open Nomad’s free digital checking account in the United States

To open for free your Nomad account in the United States, the requirements are as follows:

  • Have a fixed address in Brazil;
  • Have a telephone number from Brazil or the United States; and
  • Be over 18 years of age and present one of these valid identification documents: CNH (National Driver’s License), RG (General Registration) or Brazilian Passport.

If you meet the above requirements, then simply complete the download of the Nomad application, available on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android), then registering through your smartphone.

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Now you can save money on your international travel to 54 US Countries and Territories using the Nomad debit card, in addition to being able to make investments in US dollars in a simple way through the thematic portfolios available in the Nomad application.

To learn more details about using the Nomad Debit Card in any of the countries in which the Nomad Debit Card is accepted, we suggest reading this post. Being able to track all your transactions on the Nomad app safely, transparently and in Portuguese is great, isn’t it?!

Remember to register on the Nomad app using the coupon โ€œPASSENGERโ€ (type without the quotes) to earn 10 US dollars from cashback, provided that you make an exchange remittance from Brazil to the United States (minimum of US$100) within 15 calendar days after opening the Nomad account.

Have you already opened your Nomad account? What do you think of the expanded list of countries and US Territories where the Nomad debit card is accepted?

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