where to invest R$ 60 million prize

Mega-Sena accumulated once again can pay this Wednesday (4) a prize estimated at R$ 60 million. How much would this money yield if it were invested in fixed income every month?

THE UOL talked to Jhon Wine, financial educator at Dsop, who brings suggestions for low-risk investments. The calculations consider today’s interest and inflation.

The prize amount announced by Caixa already includes a 30% discount on the Income Tax rate, that is, the Mega-Sena winner will receive a net amount of around R$60 million.

Savings guarantee more than R$ 400 thousand per month

A darling of Brazilians, the savings account is not recommended by investment experts due to its low return. Its profitability is currently 0.69% per month, according to the last update made by the BC (Central Bank), on Monday (2).

With this estimate, the Mega-Sena winner will have a monthly income of R$ 414 thousand in savings, if he invests the entire prize of R$ 60 million, according to Wine’s calculations.

There are other options for public and private bonds that are more advantageous for the investor’s pocket.

In the case of Tesouro Direto, the maximum investment is limited to R$ 1 million per month per person.

Treasury Selic and CDB: BRL 426 thousand and BRL 432 thousand

Wine declares that government bonds, from the National Treasury, and bonds from private institutions, such as banks, yield more than savings.

For example, the Treasury Selic, which is linked to the basic interest rate, the Selic —today at 11.75%—, offers a yield of 0.71% per month. This gives an income of R$ 426 thousand every 30 days.

A CDB (Certificado de Depósito Bancário) with 100% of the CDI (Certificado de Depósito Interbancário) has slightly higher gains: 0.72% per month. This investment option guarantees R$ 432 thousand in a period of one month.

Both modalities can be redeemed before the expiration date.

IPCA Treasury gives R$ 618 thousand monthly

According to Jhon Wine, the IPCA Treasury generates even more money for fixed income investors. This application is linked to the IPCA (Broad Consumer Price Index), which measures Brazilian inflation, currently at 11.3% in the last 12 months.

The title is more appropriate for those who want to redeem the money in a more distant future. The government offers options for sale with expiration dates of five to more than 30 years.

With a monthly yield of 1.03%, the IPCA Treasury with redemption in 2055 (the furthest date available today) yields BRL 618 thousand every 30 days to the Mega-Sena millionaire.

However, the expert says that the investor must respect the maturity period to redeem the money, to avoid financial losses caused by the rise and fall of asset prices.

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