Woman who accuses Corinthians’ Robson Bambu of rape exposes her version of events

In February of this year, a 25-year-old woman accused Robson Bambu, of Corinthians, of rape while sleeping in a hotel on the east side of São Paulo. In an interview for the UOL Esporteshe gave her version of the facts, reporting that she, a friend, Bambu and Wellington Sobral, called Pezinho, were in a nightclub, and that the Timão player acted without consent.

“We left the club around six in the morning and went straight to Pezinho’s car, which was parked in front and we went to the hotel. From the reception I don’t remember much. The most I remember was to go into the room and lie down with Pezinho, the rest I don’t remember anything else”, he says.

“I remember lying in bed, I felt someone touching my bottom and, when I opened my eyes, it wasn’t Pezinho, who was by my side, just watching everything, as if it were entertainment. When I looked up, it was Robson who was on top of me completely naked, with his hand inside me”, he added.

In an official note, Robson Bambu’s defense stated that it cannot reveal the evidence of the player’s innocence, claiming respect for the investigation, which has not yet been completed by the Public Ministry.

“The defense of the player Robson Bambu cannot publicly reveal the evidence of his innocence, due to the current secrecy of the process and out of respect for the authorities, who have not yet concluded the investigations”, I made the note.

“But facts, testimonies and compelling videos regarding his innocence and the probable reasons that led the complainant to lie have already been added to the file. The case is already being duly conducted by the public authorities. While the investigation has not been concluded, manifestations in the press on the merits of the case constitute violation of secrecy, disrespect for the Police and the Public Ministry and procedural turmoil. Launching public opinion against State agents and exposing the player to reach his reputation are low-level strategies of embarrassment”, he concludes.

Robson Bambu was hired by Corinthians in January this year. At the time of the complaint, Corinthians spoke out saying that it became aware of the incident report and that it would not comment on the case “until all the facts are clarified through investigation”. Bamboo denied the rape and said he was “revolted” by the situation.

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