Police finalize inquiry report into alleged rape of Robson Bambu

The Civil Police of São Paulo finalized the investigation report of the rape case allegedly committed by defender Robson Bambu, from Corinthians. The document was sent to the Public Ministry. The information is from ge.globe.

Now it is up to the prosecutor Márcio Takeshi Nakata to decide whether to file the complaint, ask for filing or request new steps. He has two weeks to communicate the definition.

Deputy Katia Domingues Salvatori, responsible for the investigation, presented a summary of the investigation and did not contain the indictment of Robson Bambu. This means that the Corinthians defender was not named as a possible perpetrator of the crime.. This, however, does not prevent the case from going to trial.

“Although we cannot go into details about the final report, it is very important to point out that there was no indictment against the player Robson Bambu. untruths presented by the alleged victim. We continue to believe in the impartial and competent investigation of the authorities responsible for criminal prosecution”, said the defender’s defense.

The police report on the case was opened on February 3, 2022. A 25-year-old woman accused the black-and-white defender of rape in a hotel after being with a friend, Robson Bambu, and a friend of the player, known as Pezinho, in a nightclub in São Paulo. The Police took statements from those involved and heard witnesses, in addition to having toxicological and forensic tests.

“It is essential to point out that Wellington (Pezinho) was not indicted. The Civil Police produced a dense report that demonstrates his innocence. All the evidence attached to the case file explains the internal and external inconsistency of the complainant’s narrative. of the authorities responsible for criminal prosecution and, as soon as the investigation is completed, we will seek due accountability for the damage caused to Wellington’s dignity”, points out the defense of Pezinho, friend of the player.

The victim’s defense claims that “it believes that the evidence collected in the investigation is enough to substantiate the criminal process, but emphasizes that new evidence will have to emerge within the scope of the procedural instruction”.

Robson Bambu made his debut for Corinthians on March 20, 2022 – exactly 12 days after the police ended their investigations. The player arrived at Timão in January and, since then, has only played two games for Corinthians. The last one was on March 27, against São Paulo. Bambu has a loan contract with the Parque São Jorge team until the end of 2022.

remember the case

On February 3, after Corinthians lost to Santos, which resulted in Sylvinho’s resignation, Robson Bambu was with Pezinho and two other women at a nightclub in the Tatuapé neighborhood. At the time, the defender had not yet been registered at Paulista and, therefore, was not with the team.

The player claims he arrived at the venue around 1 am and sat at a reserved table. Also according to Robson Bambu, he paid with the bills of his companions. At the nightclub, the athlete claims that vodka, energy drinks, liquor and water were consumed, but denies that he, his friend and the girls got drunk. After leaving, everyone went to a hotel.

Robson Bambu says he went to the room with the friend of the girl who accused him of rape around 6:30 in the morning. The woman who accuses the athlete stayed in another room, with the defender’s friend. Both confirmed having had consensual sex. From there, the statements of the young woman and the player are divergent.

The young woman says she woke up with the player on top of her, completely naked and with his hands on her genitals. Robson Bambu says he went to the room where the girl was to talk to a friend – the athlete was going to sign a property lease that day. The defense of the player and Pezinho denies any type of violence against women.

Last Monday, the UOL Esporte published an interview with the complainant. The woman gave some details of what happened and said she feared impunity in the crime.

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