See 10 of the best drone light shows around the world

You drones are a spectacle on their own and luckily, the use of lights on equipment during nighttime events is becoming increasingly common. Although some experiences have problems, as was the case with a concert in Zhengzhou last year, many of these performances work perfectly when planned carefully.

In addition to bringing hundreds of viewers together and providing something new, drone light shows can be an effective way to promote a movie, series or some other special action.

With that in mind, with the information from the Drone DJ website, we decided to bring the 10 best drone light shows made around the world.

Top 10 drone light shows

  • Laura Pausini – Nice to meet you (Staraoke) in Rome (Italy)

For starters, a show held last month created a show of karaoke in the city of Pomegranate, in Italy. To do the action dubbed as staraokethe team of Prime Video used 500 drones.

According to the information, the presentation with the lights that formed the lyrics of the song Scatola was made to promote the new original movie from streaming amazonthe production Laura Pausini – Nice to meet youwhich honors the life of one of the most famous artists in the European country.

  • Halo in Austin (United States)

THE paramount was another company that bet on drone shows to promote content from its streaming platform. To promote the science fiction series Halolaunched in March of this year, the producer used about 400 drones to fly over the sky of Austinin City in Texas (United States).

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With the right to display a QR CODE for the production trailer, the full light show still showed the production name, the Paramount+ and other elements of the series, such as the character Master Chief. Check out the show made in March 2022 below.

  • Wonder Woman in Los Angeles (United States)

The most famous heroine of A.D also won a special presentation with drone lights. With the help of 300 drones that lit up the night in Los Angeles (United States), in 2017, Warner Bros. celebrated the release of the first Wonder Woman.

During the presentation, in addition to the DC logo, the women responsible for the presentation used the lights to form the heroine’s trademark and a silhouette of the character played by actress Gal Gadot in the feature film.

  • Avengers: Endgame in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

One of the most successful films in the history of cinema, Avengers: Endgame gives marvel studios also had a high investment in marketing.

In 2019, the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur received a light show with 300 drones, which formed unmistakable symbols of the Avengersincluding the heroes Iron Man, captain America, Thor and Hulk. Check out the presentation below.

  • The Men in Black (MIB) in the Giffoni Valley (Italy)

In 2019, the Dronisus held a light show with drones during the 49th edition of the Giffoni Film Festival. The action was to promote the new film The men in black (MIB) that would be released in theaters around the world in June of the same year.

During the event, in addition to thousands of people dressed in character, some drones lit up the sky of the place forming the word MIB, which in English is the acronym for Men in Black.

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  • 6 Squadron in Manila (Philippines)

At the end of 2019, the Netflix Philippines celebrated the movie release squad 6 in the country’s capital, Manila. With around 300 drones, the company held the largest organized drone show in the country. Presenting several images of elements of the production, the organizers even wrote the name of the main actor Ryan Reynolds and the director Michael Bay. Check it out in the video below.

THE netflix returned to using drones to make presentations with lights in 2020, this time, to promote the animated musical fantasy film On the way to the moon. At the Monegros Desert from in Huesca (Spain) and with the help of the specialized team of Dronisus, the production company had an additional challenge, as the drones had to be aligned with the full moon, which made the spectacle even more impressive. Look:

  • National Streaming Day in Los Angeles (United States)

We can consider Los Angeles (United States) as the capital of drone light shows, as in addition to the presentation for the film Wonder Woman in 2017, the city was also lit up by drones from the disney.

in honor of the National Streaming Day 2021, the company formed characters and elements from series and movies (such as Baby Yoda and Captain America’s shield) in the skies. In addition, the company also organized the drones to form the company’s logos. Disney+gives hulu and gives ESPN+.

  • Eternals in Rome (Italy)

THE marvel italy made history by placing 200 drones flying over one of the seven wonders of the modern world, the Coliseum, located in the city of Pomegranate.

In the presentation that took place last year, the company promoted the film eternal, displaying in the city sky, complex symbols that represent the heroes in the studio’s recent production. The choreography contemplated places like the Roman Forum and the monuments of Palatine in the Coliseum Archaeological Park.

  • Blade Runner: Black Lotus

With an impressive presentation, the subscription channel adult swim promoted the series Blade Runner: Black Lotus in 2021 through a breathtaking light show.

With about a thousand drones, the sky was covered in lights that presented a futuristic look. In one of the choreographies displayed by the lighting of the drones, two characters fight in an action scene.


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