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Dividends from real estate funds also benefit from a rise in the Selic rate (Image: Money Times/ Márcio Juliboni)

As predicted by the market, the Monetary Policy Committee (Copom) of central bank (BC) raised the basic interest rate (Selic) by one percentage point, from 11.75% to 12.75% per year, on Wednesday (4).

With the adjustment, the Selic reaches its highest level in five years. In addition, this is the tenth consecutive increase in the rate and the longest period of uninterrupted monetary tightening recorded by the Copom historical series started in 1996.

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Given the high level of interest rates, it is plausible that the investor who exchanged the fixed income by the real estate funds (FIIs), in search of higher profitability and dividends income tax bugs, start rehearsing a return for assets like the Direct Treasure.

Although, Laercio Boaventurainvestment director at Vectis Gestão, explains that the rise in the Selic rate also favors paper FIIs, investments focused on real estate financial assetsespecially those indexed to the CDI. “They will pay higher incomes as a result of this increase. [da Selic]”, account.

A survey prepared by Einar Riveromanager of TC / Economicsthe request of money timesshows, for example, that the paper background Valora Hedge (VGHF11) has a dividend yield (DY) of 17.34%, considering the last 12 months.

Check out 15 real estate funds with dividend yield above Selic:

Bottom ticker Dividend yield (12m)*
Valora Hedge VGHF11 17.34%
Urca Prime Income URPR11 17.29%
Habitat II HABT11 14.65%
Atrium Reit Receivables ARRI11 14.11%
Kinea Price Indices KNIP11 13.97%
Versailles Real Estate Receivables VSLH11 13.88%
SP Downtown SPTW11 13.70%
Kinea Securities KNSC11 13.70%
Kinea High Yield CRI KNHY11 13.63%
Devant Real Estate Receivables DEVA11 13.60%
Vectis Real Interest VCJR11 13.51%
Valora CRI Price Index VGIP11 13.45%
AF Invest CRI AFHI11 13.32%
REC Receivables Real Estate REC11 13.04%
Riza Arctium Real Estate ARCT11 12.99%

*The survey considers the DY of the last 12 months, ending on May 4, 2022.

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