After having a cell phone stolen, a resident of SP accumulates R$ 143 thousand in losses in banking operations carried out by criminals | Sao Paulo

Talent agent Bruno De Paula, 36, had his cell phone stolen at a traffic light in the North Zone of São Paulo on April 29 and lived, from there, a horror story that took his sleep and went viral on social media. this Friday (6th).

Back in São Paulo after a three-week trip to Barcelona, ​​Spain, he was using the device inside a taxi when he was a victim of the theft. With the device unlocked, the criminals searched all of his personal accounts, carrying out banking operations that totaled more than R$143,000 in losses.

The biggest despair, according to him, is that part of the resources was moved when the companies responsible for the services had already been notified of the theft.

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“I had a cell phone that my father had given me because mine was bad. When I got home, I took my old cell phone and started checking the accounts and saw that I had already been robbed of R$27,000 from one of the accounts. I got desperate and, together with my girlfriend, we started calling Claro, Nubank and Banco do Brasil. After 11 hours of flying and jet leg, I went to sleep upset about the loss of money, but believing that the problem would stop there. But, on Saturday morning, I started to receive notifications of other operations being carried out”, he said.

Once they had access to the phone, the fakers had changed all of Bruno’s passwords on accounts like Gmail, iCloud and food delivery apps. With the line number in hand, they also circumvented the banks’ systems, carrying out banking operations and rescuing short-term investments.

“My despair was that, over the entire weekend, I saw loans and money coming out of my account and I had no way of talking to the bank, because the channels always gave the standard response that the fraud sector was analyzing,” he said. .

“Criminals paid R$8,000 to R$9,000 in bank slips, which would only be cashed on Monday. Now, if I had already reported the fraud to the banks, why weren’t all these operations blocked on Friday?” he asks.

Bruno De Paula, 36, says he lived two very tense weeks after having his cell phone stolen in São Paulo. — Photo: Playback/Instagram

Going viral on the internet

After a week trying to recover the values ​​usurped by criminals, the talent agent published the case on Twitter on Thursday (5), telling the drama he lived and the despair of still not having recovered the money taken by criminals.

The publication went viral and this Friday (6), Bruno De Paula said he was contacted by the banks, which gave a satisfactory outcome to the case.

Bruno complains, however, that banks and so-called “fintechs”, such as Nubank, need to have more agile channels to meet this type of demand from customers who are victims of fraud.

“My thread went viral because a lot of people saw themselves in my shoes. Many people, by the way, are living the same drama and wrote it there on social media. To be heard by one of the banks, I had to write an email almost begging, and even then I didn’t get the quick response that the visibility of the publication on Twitter demanded from these companies. It is proof that something very wrong with their customer service is happening,” he said.

Bruno De Paula publishes on social networks the outcome of the story of the cell phone theft in São Paulo. — Photo: Playback/Twitter

THE g1 looked at the banks where the talent agent has an account. Nubank limited itself to replying, through its press office, that the procedures for those who are victims of fraud are on a company blog (look here).

Banco do Brasil said that it “triggered security procedures soon after becoming aware of the occurrence, with rapid recovery of values”.

“BB adopts fraud prevention measures and advises its customers to never write down passwords in mobile applications – such as notepads or messaging applications -, always informing the financial institution of suspicious transactions in their account in a timely manner. the necessary measures can be carried out as soon as possible. In the case of BB, the customer must resort to the Relationship Center, branches or SAC to report that he was a victim of a scam or fraud”, said the bank.

Bruno De Paula’s conversation with the Nubank bank, after having had his cell phone stolen and his accounts hacked. — Photo: Playback/Instagram

post-traumatic stress

Despite having had the problem solved, the talent agent says that he lived the worst days of his life and will remember the suffocation he faced for a long time.

“I was coming from a three week trip where everything good happened for me and my girlfriend. And suddenly, my life turned to hell. Today I went to Banco do Brasil and took an Uber. Not for a minute could I relax. I am experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder that will mark me forever,” she said.

“The violence I suffered is part of the life of a Brazilian. But companies at no time made it easy to lighten this burden. And this has not only happened to me, but to hundreds or thousands of Brazilians who have lived the same experience as me. Something needs to be done.”

Dangers in fraud carried out through cell phones — Photo: Christian Wentz/G1

THE g1 contacted the Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban) to find out how banks have been working to improve customer service in these cases and combat fraud.

In a statement, the entity stated that it “continuously monitors all security-related issues, even if they do not originate in the financial system, and is attentive to public security problems and their impact on banking transactions and the security of its customers, especially with the use of Pix”.

“Bank applications are safe and usage data is not stored on the devices. In case the customer has his cell phone stolen, he must immediately notify his bank so that additional security measures are adopted, such as blocking the app and access password “, said the entity.

“Banks also work in partnership with police forces to assist in the identification and punishment of criminals. FEBRABAN also warns that banks have features in their applications that allow the customer to adjust the transactional limits on the cell phone to values ​​that are convenient for them, following the deletes the normative instructions of the Central Bank – No. 20, of 9/25/2020 and No. 71 of 1/21/2021 -, which deal with the subject”, he added.

Febraban also says that it encourages customers to use this functionality in their applications to adjust the limits according to their needs and security.

Criminals generated slips from companies such as PagBank, PagSeguro and Mercado Pago. Check out their notes below:

“PagBank PagSeguro follows strict security standards, one of the main pillars of the company. In the specific case, as soon as it had information, PagBank PagSeguro blocked the balance to refund the victim.”

“Mercado Pago informs that, as soon as it became aware of the case through the user’s manifestation on a social network, it started an analysis that identified no abnormality in his account after the public report of the theft of the cell phone. The company is at the user’s disposal for any clarification and remains available to other financial institutions mentioned in the report, in order to assist in any negotiations regarding the payment of a slip linked to a Mercado Pago account. To avoid damages caused by third parties, resulting from theft, robbery or other unauthorized situations by the user, the company always recommends using biometric authentication to validate operations in the application. website, as well as contacting the telephone operator to block the device and chip.Mercado Pago maintains service channels, inside and outside the application, for any questions and guidance: website“.

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