Airplane leasing giant publicly says Boeing ‘has lost its way’

The CEO of Avolon, a giant of leasing Air Force, made firm statements on Thursday (5), when publicly criticizing the stance of the aircraft manufacturer Boeing, saying that the company “has lost its way” and needs a lot of work and a new leadership to correct a “totally distorted corporate culture”. ”.

“I think it’s fair to say that Boeing has lost its way (…) Boeing needs to fundamentally rethink its strategic relevance in the market. That would require a new vision, perhaps new leadership.”Slattery said at the Airfinance Journal conference in Dublin, a meeting of plane lessors, Reuters reported.

The executive was referring to the problems that Boeing has been going through in recent years, which have not yet been fully resolved and which continue to appear. In addition to the MAX problem, apparently resolved, Boeing still struggles with the 787 and 777X, in addition to having announced extra costs of $ 2.7 billion in projects, which sent its stocks plummeting.

“They are burning money at an unprecedented level,” said Slattery. “Boeing’s culture has become ‘totally skewed’, but the problems can eventually be resolved. I have faith that they will find out.”added Slattery.

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