Basic food basket price rises in 17 capitals

According to the Inter-union Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies (diese), which carries out the National Survey of Basic basket of Food, the cost of the basic food basket increased in April. This increase was significant in all 17 capitals where the survey was carried out.

From March to April, the most expressive increases in basic basket, occurred in 7 cities. Among these, we have: Campo Grande (6.42%); Porto Alegre (6.34%); Florianópolis (5.71%); São Paulo (5.62%); Curitiba (5.37%); Brasília (5.24%) and Aracaju (5.04%). The smallest variation was observed in João Pessoa, with an increase of 1.03%.

Details of the national survey of the Basic Basket.

The survey reported that Sao Paulo was the capital where the basic food basket had the highest cost (R$803.99), followed by Florianópolis (R$788), Porto Alegre (R$780.86) and Rio de Janeiro (R$768.42). Among the cities in the North and Northeast, where the composition of the basket is different from other capitals, the lowest average values ​​were recorded in Aracaju (R$ 551.47) and João Pessoa (R$ 573.70).

At another time, when we compare with April of last year, all the capitals surveyed had price hikewith variations ranging from 17.07% in João Pessoa to 29.93% in Campo Grande.

According to the research, the costs necessary to maintain a family of four should be R$ 6,754.33, which represents 5.57 times the minimum wage current, of R$ 1,212.00 reformulated in April 2022.

In March, the amount required was BRL 6,394.76, or 5.28 times the minimum floor. During the month of April 2021, the value of the minimum required was BRL 5,330.69, or 4.85 times the minimum in force at the time, of BRL 1,100.

Product price.

According to the survey, among the products whose price has increased in all capitals are the soy oil with variations oscillating between 0.5%, in Vitória, and 11.34%, in Brasília; French bread, with the most significant increases in Campo Grande (11.37%), Aracaju (9.7%) and Porto Alegre (7.07%).

THE flour, in turn, stood out in the capitals of Belo Horizonte (11.08%), Porto Alegre (10.07%) and Brasília (9.54%). Whole milk had the biggest increases in Florianópolis (15.57%), Curitiba (14.15%), Porto Alegre (13.46%) and Aracaju (11.31%).

In 15 capitals, beans, one of the main foods of Brazilian cuisine, had an increase in its price, with rates of carioquinha on the rise in all capitals where it was researched and with a variation between 3.86%, in João Pessoa, and 11, 89% in Belém.

the search of basic basket price also informed that the price of black beans, surveyed in the southern capitals, in Vitória and Rio de Janeiro, decreased in Vitória (-2.68%) and Florianópolis (-2.2%) and rose in Porto Alegre (2 .51%), Curitiba (2.44%) and Rio de Janeiro (0.57%).

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