Brazil supporter from Pelotas detained by police is in serious condition

Rai Duarte, a fan of Brasil de Pelotas, was removed from the crowd's bus and, according to witnesses, assaulted by police officers.

Rai Duarte, a supporter of Brasil de Pelotas, was pulled from the crowd’s bus and, according to witnesses, assaulted by police. Photo: (Reproduction/Social Media)

Removed by the Military Brigade from a bus from the caravan of fans from Brasil de Pelotas that left the south of Rio Grande do Sul to follow the duel against São José for the Brazilian Championship Series C, Rai Duarte, 33, is hospitalized in a state in the ICU of Hospital Cristo Redentor, in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul.

Images recorded inside the collective show some heavily equipped police officers leading Rai out of the vehicle and these are the last images we have of him before he is admitted to the health institution in Porto Alegre.

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A confusion between the supporters of São José and Brasil de Pelotas took over the stands of the Francisco Novelleto Neto Stadium, after the final whistle, when fans of the home team stole banners from the organized fans of Brazil, who invaded the sector that was not intended for them to retrieve the material.

When they were getting ready to leave Porto Alegre and return to Pelotas, fans from Brazil reported torture by the police: “Two guys came with him[(there)youbully?’ThestickcaughtThinkabouthittingTheybeatusalotTheybeatustoobutmuchlessthanhimCassettepeppersprayslapsinthefaceOnearrivedandsaidthatsince1994hebeatsthefansoftheBrazilandwillcontinuetobeatItworkslikethisnobodyisgoingtochangethat”[(aí)Oquecaraquetirouelechegoutirouocapaceteedisse’cadêtuvalentão?’OpaupegouPensaemapanharElesbaterammuitoBateramemnóstambémmasbemmenosqueneleCassetetegásdepimentatapasnorostoUmchegouedissequedesde1994batenatorcidadoBrasilevaicontinuarbatendoAcoisafuncionaassimninguémvaimudarisso”

Another report, also from a fan who did not want to be identified, reports that police interfered, also in the statement given by fans at the hospital: “After that, they took us to the hospital. We took a long time to be seen, and when we were seen the doctor called us into the room, accompanied by the police, handcuffed all the time. The doctor asked me questions and the one who answered the questions was the policeman. Three were under observation. The other nine, including me, were there in front. make us feel sick. They put us in the car to go to the police station. From the stadium to the hospital, there were six people inside the trunk. We stayed in the car for more than half an hour, cramped, without release”.

In a note published on the club’s official profile on Twitter, Brasil de Pelotas offered solidarity to the fans and started fundraising campaigns to financially support their recovery: “Grêmio Esportivo Brasil, throughout its history, fought against violence inside and outside He is a militant against inequalities of all types and genders, which is why the club is very proud. President Evânio contacted the family of supporter Rai Duarte, and made himself available for any kind of help. GE Brasil hopes that Rai has a full recovery, and returns to his rightful place: the stands cheering for Brazil. We will follow the investigation of the case so that justice is done. Finally, the club is waiting for a meeting that will be scheduled by the President of the FGF, Luciano Hocsman, with the commander of the Military Brigade to clarify what had happened”.

The income from the match against Remo, which will be played next Saturday, will have a percentage destined to Rai Duarte.

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