Cashier releases triple Pis/Pasep withdrawal

In March, Caixa Econômica Federal ended PIS/Pasep payments for the 2020 base year, which was set to be paid only this year. There were more than 24 million workers contemplated.

However, this was not the only PIS/Pasep modality released for withdrawal this year. In addition to this, Caixa will allow three more withdrawals, two of them from salary bonuses and another from fund quotas. Find out more below.

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Didn’t receive a PIS/Pasep allowance? See how to apply

Almost 500,000 people have not yet withdrawn the PIS/Pasep allowance; see how to do

New chances to withdraw PIS/Pasep

More than 500 thousand workers have not yet withdrawn the values ​​for 2020 from PIS/Pasep. Therefore, even if the payments have already been closed, the Federal Government decided to release the withdrawals until December 29.

In addition to this chance, workers who performed paid activity in 2019 are also entitled to withdraw the benefit. Thus, about 320 thousand people gained a new opportunity.

To be entitled to the PIS/Pasep salary allowance, it is necessary to meet the following requirements:

  • Have received on average up to two minimum wages per month in 2019;
  • Be enrolled in PIS/Pasep for at least five years in 2019;
  • Have worked with a formal contract for at least 30 days in 2019.

However, to receive the amounts for 2019, you must request the benefit from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

The request can be made in person at a unit of the Ministry or by sending an email to the address, replacing the “uf” with the acronym of the state in which you live.

PIS/Pasep consultation

For more information and consultation about PIS/Pasep, access the Digital Work Card application, available for Android and iOS.

It is worth mentioning that the last chance to withdraw the salary bonus is in relation to workers who worked with a formal contract between 1971 and 1988.

According to Caixa, more than R$ 23 billion are available for withdrawal to more than 10.5 million people. The amounts were made available in 2019, however, most beneficiaries do not know about the benefit and, therefore, have not withdrawn it yet.

Therefore, if you know someone or are the person who worked during this period, know that it is possible to consult such information through the FGTS application, since the balance of PIS/Pasep quotas were transferred there.

In case of doubt, you can also go to a Caixa branch and ask for information about the PIS/Pasep quotas for those who worked between 1970 and 1988.

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