Covid cases grow after dinner at the White House

Traditional White House Correspondents Event with the US President was attended by 2600 guests

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and several journalists reported diagnoses of covid-19 after attending the Annual White House Correspondents Dinner with the president on Saturday (Apr 30, 2022).

according to New York Times, journalists from various media companies were infected. Among them is Jonathan Karl, chief correspondent for ABC News in Washington. He shook hands with President Joe Biden over dinner.

Also according to the newspaper, the list includes employees of the CNN, NBC News, CBS News, Political and Voice of America.

The exact number of cases of covid in people who participated in the event was not confirmed. White House Correspondents Association President Steven Portnoy said that number is less than 1% of respondents.

To enter the event, in addition to proof of vaccination, it was necessary to present a test with a negative result performed on the same day.

Some of the infected people said they attended other meetings over the weekend.


Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, said on Wednesday (4.May) that President Biden took a test for covid-19 on Tuesday (3.May) and the result was negative.

Also according to Psaki, Blinken “haven’t seen the president in several days”.


Every year since 1924, the White House Correspondents Association has hosted the President of the United States for a gala dinner. However, the event has not been held since 2016, former President Donald Trump refused to participate. Then came the pandemic.

On Saturday night (Apr 30), the Annual White House Correspondents Dinner was held again. The event was held at the Washington Hilton and was attended by 2,600 guests, including journalists, celebrities and other public figures.

In a performance at the venue, comedian Trevor Noah called the dinner “superspreading event [da covid] most distinguished in the country”.

None of you learned anything from the Gridiron Dinner? Anything,” Noah said in reference to a meeting in Washington in April that left dozens of participants with covid. “Do you read any of your own newspapers?“, He asked.

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