Drake signs record $2 billion contract with Universal Music

A little missing from the news about celebrities in recent times, Drake, who also goes by Drizzy and signs Aubrey Drake Graham, recently closed a deal that, in addition to being the biggest of his career, also contains a record number never seen in similar contracts involving large song names.

And this time, the 35-year-old Canadian pop star’s newly signed commercial partnership was with the Dutch-American music conglomerate Universal Music Group (UMG), which paid him no less than $400 million for the exclusive rights. for his future recordings, publications, his licensed products and any visual media projects he may have.

Drake already had a connection with UMG through the Cash Money label, which belongs to the giant, through which he released his latest albums. But nothing like the multimillion-dollar trade pact that makes him, quite simply, one of the most financially successful musicians in history.

And for those who are wondering what led UMG to invest such a large amount in it, suffice it to say that, in March, Drake’s singles, which also last month disbursed US$ 70 million (R$ 352.4 million) by a château located in Los Angeles, generated more streams in the US than all pre-1980 music combined and played on Spotify and the like.

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