Duílio ‘turns on the alert’ and Corinthians can make a “heavy” with the sale of a midfielder to PSG


Board still needs resources to settle season debts

Duílio Monteiro Alves, president of Corinthians (Photo: Mauro Horita/AGIF)
Duílio Monteiro Alves, president of Corinthians (Photo: Mauro Horita/AGIF)

THE Corinthians has managed to keep the cast buzzing for this season. However, with many difficulties, the board understands that it needs to get new resources to make the account “close” at the end of the year. In addition to players who are in the current squad and have good sales potential, other sources of money can reach the Club.

In addition to the athletes who are on loan, Corinthians can earn money from players who were in the team until the age of 23, as part of FIFA’s solidarity mechanism. Midfielder Pedrinho can be negotiated, but who has strong rumors for a sale is the midfielder Éderson, from Salernitana, who is in PSG’s sights.

According to information from GOAL, the idea of ​​the Italian club would be to raise around 30 million euros (R$ 158.79 million at the current price) for the 22-year-old player. In addition, the ex-Corinthians’ staff is already on alert and aware of the great possibility of a negotiation soon.

Ederson, has a contract with Salernitana until June 30, 2026. Timão, negotiated the athlete for 6.5 million euros (R$ 39 million). If PSG buys its pass for the requested amount, the alvinegro would pocket 0.52% of the amount, totaling 156 thousand euros (R$ 825.75 thousand).

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