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A judicial expertise gave new arguments to the action that Marcelo Mattos is bringing against Vasco. The former player, who defended the club between 2016 and 2019, entered the Rio de Janeiro Labor Court and, among some requests, alleges that medical errors during the treatment of a knee injury shortened his career. There were five surgeries in the period.

In total, Mattos charges almost R$8 million from Vasco. He filed the complaint on March 10, 2021, the club presented a defense, and judge Cristina Almeida de Oliveira requested an expert report. With the conclusion of the document, attached to the process last Tuesday, therefore, a little more than a year after the beginning of the judicial discussion, a new hearing will be scheduled. For now, there is no sentence.

Marcelo Mattos played for Vasco between 2016 and 2019, but played only 36 games — Photo: Carlos Gregório Jr/

The report, signed by expert Paulo César Weiss Campos, among other things, attests that Vasco neglected the treatment, that Marcelo Mattos was operated on early (only two days after the injury), he felt a lot of pain in the postoperative period and returned to training in four months (six months would be the minimum term). All this would have triggered other injuries that caused reduced mobility in the steering wheel’s knee. In addition, the expert points out that this condition may have developed depression, vitiligo and artofibrosis, sequelae alleged by Marcelo Mattos.

The result of the report generated dubious feelings in the former player. While he was relieved to see that his complaints were upheld, Marcelo Mattos was disgusted that the surgery had taken place two days after the injury, something he hadn’t realized. in contact with the gethe former player vented and revealed that he also intends to take legal action against the doctors responsible, and not just against the club.

– The report brought something new, something I hadn’t thought about. He pointed out that the surgery was performed two days after the injury. No time I didn’t call. Now things are hitting. I had to deflate the knee before the operation. Three days after the surgery I ended up in the hospital. I couldn’t stand, my leg was throbbing, I felt liquid and I went to the hospital-he recalled, to complete:

– I’m disgusted. I thought they had missed the return deadline. But that has no conditions. Of course the doctors knew. I had five surgeries, I got bacteria on my knee, my life was at risk, a surgery like that could have gone awry. It was very irresponsible what they did to me. Justice is being done. I’m more relieved. It won’t be just that. I’m wondering what will be done. I’m going to go to court against the doctors. You have no idea what they did to my life, my psychology and my family. This all shortened my career.

According to Marcelo Mattos, the idea was to take the career until the age of 42. He stopped playing at 36. Lawyer Filipe Rino, who represents the former player, understands that, based on the expertise, all complaints will be dealt with by Justice:

– The expertise only proved what we allege. The first point was the confirmation of the work accident. Second, and more importantly, that the recklessness in the treatment caused serious problems for Marcelo’s health. The expertise proved that the artofibrosis occurred due to the surgery having occurred in a period very close to the injury, which is not recommended by the medical literature. Also, that synovitis, tendinitis and muscle imbalance occurred due to the early return to intensive training. With less than four months of post-surgery, Marcelo Mattos was selected for official matches. The recommended minimum time is 6 to 8 months. The report also concluded that the injuries and complications caused by the work accident had a great impact on Marcelo’s personal and professional life, triggering the occurrence of depression and vitiligo. Finally, the technical report also clarified that there is a definitive sequel of the injury, with limitation of the range of motion of the right knee with flexion deficit, which prevents him from exercising his profession with the same mastery as before.

In 2019, Marcelo Mattos spoke about returning to the pitch after two and a half years and five surgeries

In 2019, Marcelo Mattos spoke about returning to the pitch after two and a half years and five surgeries

wanted by geThe Vasco says he does not comment on ongoing processes.

In addition to moral damages, Marcelo Mattos charges more than R$ 1 million in back wages, three years without receiving 13th and vacation and also the fact that the club has not deposited its FGTS. The former player also claims that Vasco reduced his salary by half in his last renewal.

Marcelo Mattos arrived at Vasco in 2016 and, in the same year, suffered a serious knee injury during training in São Januário. In the lawsuit, he alleges that Jorge Henrique, the club’s former striker, “kicked him in the right knee, on purpose”.

At the time, Mattos tore his anterior cruciate ligament, underwent five surgeries and spent almost three years without playing. During this period, he had his contract renewed twice. When he returned to the pitch, he played just one game before the end of his contract, in 2019. Then, still with sequelae in the knee, he had short and unsuccessful spells in Santa Cruz, Dom Bosco (MT) and Bangu, but practically did not enter. in the field.

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