fans get DLCs and dev reveals new expansion

Anyone who owns the base version of Dying Light may end up feeling invited to visit the game again. The reason? Those who own the Standard Edition are getting the Enhanced Edition for free. A new expansion has also been revealed by Techland.

The studio announced the release of additional content at no cost this Thursday morning (05). The pack includes maps, stories and a brand new vehicle, in addition to a new game mode, skins and equipment only accessible by players who have already paid for the perks before. Look:

Dying Light DLCs
(Source: Techland)

Dying Light DLCs released for redemption in in-game menus are:

  • Be the Zombie;
  • Cuisine & Cargo;
  • Born Survivor Pack;
  • The Bozak Horde;
  • The Following;

To access them, just head to the main menu and look for the “DLC Packs” tab. There, they will be available for purchase at no additional cost.

Techland reveals Dieselpunk, new Dying Light DLC

Techland also announced a brand new DLC for Dying Light: update 1.43 brings the Dieselpunk expansion. In it, players will have access to an unprecedented narrative where first-class weapons forged by Volkan Machines will be extremely useful to fulfill a new mission.

Additional content is available now and can be found for purchase from the in-game menus. Did you like the “gift” of Techland?

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